Business Licences for Food Truck Vendors

Calling All Food Truck Vendors!

The Town of Innisfil welcomes you!

Background: Innisfil’s Food Truck Pilot Programs (2016 and 2017)

Community interest in food trucks is growing in popularity across Innisfil. On June 15, 2016  Council approved the Temporary Mobile Take-Out Restaurant Pilot Program and directed staff to gather input from the community on lessons learned. Although a limited number of vendors participated in 2016 staff discovered that the feedback from the community was overall positive. On March 15, 2017  Council gave approval to staff to implement the 2017 Pilot Program, which would allow food truck vendors to locate in designated settlement areas. Mobile food vendors have been popular at special events within Innisfil for years. Approved food truck vendors were permitted under the Pilot Program to operate from May 1 to October 31, 2017.

Present-Day: Innisfil’s New Food Truck By-Law

Upon the success of the Pilot Programs, Council adopted By-law No. 080-18 to permit a maximum of 10 food trucks to operate in Innisfil on June 20, 2018. This amendment to Section 3.37 of Zoning By-Law 080-13 defines Food Trucks as Refreshment Trailers and lists what they may and may not do. Food truck vendors must apply for a business licence in order to operate in Innisfil. The approval process for a business licence is outlined below and the application form can be found here .

No further applications will be received at this time.

Approval Process

Once a vendor is approved, they must meet the applicable standards and provisions referenced in the Town’s Zoning By-Law 080-13, and the following:

How do I start the Business License process?

Download and print the Business License Application . Once completed, submit the application to Customer Service . This application can be submitted in person at Town Hall or online via 

Are there any Vehicle Requirements for Food Tucks (Refreshment Trailers)?

The Town of Innisfil’s Zoning By-law defines refreshment trailers as a mobile cart or motor vehicle provided with or without wheels or runners used for the carriage of persons or goods. This definition includes but not limited to, a car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, cart, carriage, container, wagon, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle. This means an ice cream cart, hot dog stand and poutine food truck all count as refreshment trailers and must meet the following requirements. Your cart or vehicle needs to be approved the the Town.

  1. The body, doors and windows of the vehicle shall be of sufficiently sound construction to provide reasonable protection against dust, dirt, flies and other injurious matter or items.
  2. The vehicle shall be equipped with a metal refuse container with a self-closing lid, or a disposable litter container.
    • Either of which shall be used for the disposal of all refuse, replaced daily and kept at all times in a clean and sanitary condition
  3. The floor and walls of the vehicle shall be of impervious material, free of holes, cracks or crevices, and the surface shall be readily washable and kept in a clean and in good condition.

Can I have a food truck at my special event?

Food trucks may be present at special events after receiving a temporary business licence from the Town of Innisfil. Since the food truck will be present for short amount of time, the approval process for a business licence is simpler and quicker. Please apply for a business licence to begin the approval process.  

Questions? Please contact Planning Services using their contact information shown below.

Planning Services

Alternatively, you can contact Customer Service for general inquiries at 705-436-3710.

Approved Vendors

Name of Approved Food Truck (Refreshment Trailer)
Mirene’s Food TruckYes
Flaming KravingsYes
Poutine on the RitzYes
Beaver TailsYes
Friday Harbour VillageYes
Mrs Richie’s Kitchen
7Cooks Bay MarinaYes
8Queen PoutineYes
9Beach Road GrillYes
10HK Food StationYes

Please note that a maximum of ten (10) refreshment trailers shall be permitted within the limits of the Town at any one time, as per Section 3.37 of the Zoning By-law. The maximum number of food trucks has been reached in the Town. No further applications will be received at this time. Food trucks at special events are exceptions to this regulation as they are temporary and meant for one-time uses.