Like other municipalities across Canada, the Town of Innisfil recognizes the role that culture, creativity and quality of place play in community development and growth. Our Culture Master Plan guides and supports the development of culture in our community.

Our goals

We recognize culture as a driver for building a more connected community, stimulating creativity and innovation and creating a happier and more prosperous community. We hope to achieve the following strategic goals through the implementation of the Culture Master Plan:

  • Build a resilient community
  • Foster inclusivity
  • Honour local indigenous heritage and history
  • Cultivate well-being
  • Nurture creativity and innovation across the community

Guiding principles

The following guiding principles helped us develop the Culture Master Plan:

  • Shared identity
  • Community driven
  • Inclusivity and accessibility
  • Future facing
  • Striving for balance
  • Practical and actionable