Whether you're looking to get married, host a birthday party, schedule a hockey practice or hold a meeting, the Town of Innisfil has a variety of facility rentals available to meet your needs.

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Facility rentals

Explore the facility rentals available through the Town of Innisfil and find out how to pay for a facility rental.

Arena livestreaming 

If you are unable to attend practices or games in person, arena livestreaming is available on our YouTube channel.

Special event permits

If you're planning to hold a large event on municipal property, you may need to apply for a special event permit. Review our liquor licence information to ensure that you get all necessary approvals before serving alcohol at an event on Town property.

Noise exemptions and permits

You'll need to apply for a noise exemption permit if your event doesn't meet the Town's noise regulations.

Respectful Recreational User Policy

We simply ask that everyone respects each other and staff. Our Respectful Recreational User Policy applies to anyone participating in a Town program or visiting a municipal facility. The policy promotes fair play, good sportsmanship, safety and respect. It outlines what we consider inappropriate behaviour and what consequences that may have, including restricting someone's access to Town facilities and programs. 

Advertising opportunities

We offer a variety of advertising opportunities throughout the Town of Innisfil. You can advertise your business at one of our facilities or signs to help reach a wider audience.