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Print Correction: There was a misprint in the 2022 Fall Program Guide stating participants over 12 years of age require proof of COVID-19 vaccination (page 8). You do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to participate in Town of Innisfil recreation programs. 


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Financial support 

Need support? You can apply for our Fee Assistance in Recreation (FAIR) program to help remove financial barriers to access our recreational activities.

Our team

We are a HIGH FIVE registered organization, and our programs are run by trained staff who follow Canada's quality standard for recreation and leisure programs. We run programs if there are enough people registered and a resource person is available. Learn how you can become a program instructor and join our team!

Respectful Recreational User Policy

We simply ask that everyone respects each other and staff. Our Respectful Recreational User Policy applies to anyone participating in a Town program or visiting a municipal facility. The policy promotes fair play, good sportsmanship, safety and respect. It outlines what we consider inappropriate behaviour and what consequences that may have, including restricting someone's access to Town facilities and programs.