If you'd like to set up a large tent or stage for a wedding, concert or other community event in the Town of Innisfil, you'll need to apply for a building permit.

Building permit requirements

You should apply for a building permit at least three weeks in advance of the event. You'll need to include the following information with your application:

  • Authorization from the property owner
  • Two copies of the site plan

Review the Ontario Building Code requirements for the following structures:

Digging and staking requirements

Digging or staking on Town property is prohibited unless you receive written approval. Please include requests to dig or stake and note the specific areas within the site plan. Several Town properties have underground wiring, platforms and other systems that may get damaged from digging or staking.

When do I need a building permit?

You need a building permit for:

  • Tents or tents on a site with an aggregate area of more than 60 meters
  • Any stage that is more than 100 square feet

Book an inspection

Once you've received a building permit, you'll need to book a building inspection. We will conduct inspections after the tent or stage has been assembled and after all structures have been removed from the site.

Safety measures

Review the following safety measures to ensure that your temporary tent or stage is safe for the public.

Temporary structure safety guidelines

The Ministry of Labour has developed safety guidelines for temporary performance structures, such as stages. The guidelines provide best practices about stage design, planning, construction, maintenance and disassembly.

Fire prevention measures

Be sure to follow these fire safety measures found within the Ontario Fire Code:

  • Barbecues must be at least 3 meters (10 feet) from any tent or other structure
  • All tents need to have fire extinguishers present and follow the Fire Code, Section 2.9 Tents and Air-Supported Structures
  • All drapes, curtains and other decorative materials, including textiles and films used in a tent or stage must meet the requirements for a high degree of flame resistance
  • Hay, straw, shavings or other combustible materials, other than that necessary for the daily feeding or care of animals, are not permitted in a tent or air-supported structure
  • Smoking and open flame devices are not permitted in a tent or air-supported structure