At the Town of Innisfil, we're committed to sustainability and preserving our natural landscape. Climate change is an important issue and we're working to address the environmental challenges facing our community. Join us in becoming a leader when it comes to taking climate action!

Impacts of climate change

We're already seeing the effects of climate change in our region, from more frequent and intense storms to lower agricultural production. Climate change projections for Innisfil include impacts to:

  • Weather – Climate change leads to extreme weather events, more heatwave days, greater summer droughts, and more winter precipitation.
  • Food – Climate change is already impacting crop production and can significantly alter the types of crops grown in the future. This will impact food security, including production, access and price.
  • Health – More summer heat warnings, exposure to UV radiation, and extreme storms can cause hospitalizations and injuries. Poor air quality can lead to increases in respiratory and cardiovascular illness.
  • Home and property – Extreme weather events that affect homes, like flooding and tornadoes, can cause costly damage. 

Learn more about climate change in our region 

Climate Emergency Declaration

In 2022, Innisfil Council declared a Climate Emergency stating that Canada is experiencing impacts of climate change that will continue to intensify due to human activities. Climate change poses lasting risks for our community, economy and natural environment. Many municipalities across Canada have declared climate emergencies to recognize our emerging climate crisis and take action. 

The declaration included Innisfil's Integrated Sustainability Master Plan to set goals that reduce carbon emissions, adapt to climate impact, and improve sustainability across the town. 

Working towards a better future

We've made some great strides in creating a more sustainable community. Building on that progress and learning from our past, Innisfil is continuing to work towards a better future for all. Together, we can take bold climate action by changing how we move, how we build and renovate, and how to capture carbon.

Partners for Climate Protection 

The Town of Innisfil is a member of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program, a Canada-wide movement dedicated to developing actions to reduce emissions and energy usage. Delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and ICLEI, the PCP program includes a five-step Milestone Framework:

  • Milestone 1: Creating a GHG emissions inventory and forecast
  • Milestone 2: Setting a GHG emissions reduction target
  • Milestone 3: Developing a local action plan
  • Milestone 4: Implementing the local action plan
  • Milestone 5: Monitoring progress and reporting results

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