The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for assessing all properties in the Town of Innisfil and classifying each property based on use. If you own a property, you'll receive a property assessment every four years. Review your property assessment and find out how property assessments are used to calculate your property taxes.

How your property is assessed 

MPAC assesses the value of every property in Ontario to help inform property data, which is used by municipalities to set property taxes. You'll receive a Property Assessment Notice from MPAC containing your property value and its tax classification. Watch these videos to learn more about your property assessment.

I'm a new homeowner. When will I receive my Property Assessment Notice?

If you purchased your home earlier in the year, it’s possible to receive a tax bill before you receive your first notice from MPAC.

MPAC mails Property Assessment Notices in November. You’ll receive your notice this year if:

  • You purchased your home in November or December of last year
  • Or, between January and the end of October of the current tax year

If you're a first-time homeowner, visit MPAC First-time Homeowner Hub to better understand property assessment.

What's a Property Assessment Change Notice?

If your new home was recently built or if you’ve completed renovations to make your new home your own, you’ll receive a Property Assessment Change Notice (PACN).

MPAC sends these notices each month between April and November. You may receive one for these reasons:

  • There was a change to your property such as an addition, new construction or renovation
  • We assessed a structure like a pool, or a garage, for the first time
  • There was a change to your property’s classification. For example, if you built a new structure on your property to run a business, that new structure may be classified as commercial
  • Your property, or part of it, no longer qualifies for a tax incentive for farmland, conservation land or managed forests
  • Your property, or part of it, no longer qualifies as tax exempt. For example, you converted an old church into your dream home

Your PACN includes the assessed value and classification of any updates made to your property.

This information enables your municipality to ensure your future tax bills will reflect the value of your home in its current state and condition.

 I don't agree with my assessment. What can I do?

If MPAC has incorrect information, or if you disagree with your assessment, your first stop should be AboutMyProperty.

On AboutMyProperty, you can compare your assessed value to 100 properties near you. Doing this will help you create a baseline to determine if your assessment is like others in your neighbourhood.

If, after comparing your property, you think your assessment is inaccurate, you can file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR).


Through MPAC’s online portal, AboutMyProperty, you can:

  • Review your property assessment information
  • Learn about how MPAC assessed your property
  • Compare your property to 100 others in your neighbourhood
  • File a Request for Reconsideration (it’s free!)
  • Update your school support

Use your 19-digit roll number and the access key listed on your Property Assessment Notice (PAN) to log in to AboutMyProperty. If you haven't received your PAN or have lost it, contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722, or TTY 1-877-889-6722.