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Pilot Program: Uber Vouchers

We’ve launched a new pilot program to expand transit options in Innisfil. With this pilot program, 100 residents of Innisfil can access travel discounts in the form of subsidized Uber Vouchers. Each voucher is valid for up to 30 eligible rides per month during the eight-month pilot period (February to September 2024). Riders will pay the first $6 per eligible trip, and the voucher will cover additional charges up to $15 maximum per trip.

Eligible destinations

Vouchers are intended to extend transit options and improve access to employment areas. The voucher program applies to eligible trips within the designated service area in the Town of Innisfil (or Barrie South Go), and includes travel to or from the following locations:

Using vouchers

To participate in the program, you must have an active Uber account and follow the in-app instructions.

Claim a voucher 

Once you've claimed a voucher:

  • The voucher will be in your Uber Wallet and is good for use on eligible rides
  • Open the Uber app and request a ride that falls within the designated service area
  • Choose the desired vehicle type, such as UberX, UberXL, Comfort, etc.
  • Review fare details and confirm the ride
  • The voucher will be automatically applied to the eligible ride if you haven’t reached the monthly limit of 30 trips

See Uber’s Voucher Guide for more detailed information.

Voucher program details

With vouchers, riders pay the first $6 per eligible trip and the voucher will cover additional charges up to $15 maximum per trip.

  • Trips $21 or less: the rider will pay the first $6 and the voucher will pay the balance up to $15 maximum
  • Trips greater than $21: the voucher will cover $15 max, and the rider will pay the balance

Each voucher entitles a rider to 30 eligible trips per month. The voucher balance will reset to 30 rides at the beginning of each month. Any unused trips will not roll over to the next month.

Voucher waitlist

Vouchers are available on a first come, first served basis. Once all vouchers have been claimed, residents can join our Voucher Waitlist to be notified if space opens. Riders who claim a voucher and do not take any eligible trips within the first 30 days are subject to removal to allow another rider to claim the voucher.

Join the Voucher Waitlist 

Frequently Asked Questions

Review our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information or download the full FAQ sheet.

Can I use a voucher in conjunction with Innisfil Transit discounts?

No. If a trip qualifies for both vouchers and Innisfil Transit, a rider will not be able to double up on discounts. When requesting an eligible ride with the voucher program, the Uber voucher will automatically be applied to the trip. Should a person prefer to use Innisfil Transit, they should disable the Uber Voucher for that single trip in the Uber app by toggling the voucher to the off position.

What happens if I reach the voucher limit before the end of the month? 

With this pilot program, each person can take up to 30 eligible rides per month. The number or eligible rides will reset at the beginning of each month and unused trips do not roll over to the next month. The intent of the pilot program is to provide staff with an opportunity to review data, determine participation rate, and forecast future limits that are practical and equitable. If riders frequently reach their monthly maximum in under 30 days, the number of monthly trips may need to be increased. 

Are wait times different from Innisfil Transit with the voucher program?

Vouchers are intended to offer an additional ride subsidy option to residents. Currently, Innisfil Transit average wait time is approximately 9 minutes and it is anticipated that rides under the voucher program will follow this trend. A rider’s wait time depends on time of the day and nearby driver availability. 

Will a driver be available to take me home later in the evening using a voucher? 

Program vouchers are available for use 24/7 within the eligible service area, as long as there is a driver available and the user is under the 30-trip monthly maximum.

The number of drivers available during off-peak hours decreases, which may potentially result in longer wait times, or in some cases, no driver being available. Riders are cautioned to plan any off-peak return trips accordingly and consider having an alternate option in the event that a driver is unavailable.

What happens if I download a voucher and don’t use it?

Since a limited number of vouchers are available through the launch of the pilot program, usage will be monitored to evaluate the success of the program and to ensure appropriate distribution to the intended audience. If a rider has claimed a voucher, but an eligible voucher ride has not been taken within 30 days, the voucher may be revoked and made available to a rider on the waitlist. Any misuse of vouchers may result in termination.

Protecting drivers and passengers

The Town of Innisfil's partnership with Uber takes both passenger and driver safety into account. Through incident prevention tools, insurance coverage, and technology that keeps you connected, the Uber platform was built with safety in mind. Visit Uber's website for more information regarding:

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit provides guidance to help keep your next taxi or rideshare trip as safe as possible. You can reduce the risk of spreading or catching illnesses by:

  • Covering your cough or sneeze
  • Washing or sanitizing your hands before and after trips
  • Sitting in the back seat with the windows open for improved air flow
  • Wearing a mask

Transit reports

By partnering with Uber and local taxi companies, we are bringing a reliable and affordable on-demand transit to serve all residents of Innisfil. We have partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) to do a full analysis of Innisfil Transit. Review the following transit reports for more information:

View our staff reports for Innisfil Transit: