The Town of Innisfil's ridesharing partnership with Uber is the first of its kind in Canada. To better serve you, we have partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) to do a full analysis of Innisfil Transit. These studies help to guide the future of our transit system.

Innisfil transit survey

We held a transit survey to get an idea of demand for transit services in Innisfil. Your feedback helps us make decisions about what kind of transit services you need most. Common feedback we received from the survey included:

  • Make transit faster and more reliable
  • Make transit more affordable
  • Add more subsidized spots
  • Include larger rideshare vehicles such as buses
  • Ensure physical and digital accessibility
  • Make it safer and more accessible for young children
  • Promote and clarify the current service

Toronto Metropolitan University reports

We partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University to study the current performance of our transit system and its social outcomes. Review the main findings from various studies:

On-demand transit options

Toronto Metropolitan University's Laboratory of Innovations in Transportation (LiTrans) studied Innisfil to determine whether crowdsourced transit, dedicated fleet transit, or a combination of both would be more efficient. Read the results of the Exploring On-Demand Transit Options for the Town of Innisfil study. 

Transit system performance

The Innisfil Transit System Performance study gathered data on transit use and compared our current subsidized Uber ridesharing system with other transit options. The study found that our current transit system is more accessible than a fixed-bus system would be. It offers both lower costs per trip and easier physical access to pickup and drop-off locations. 

Transit social outcomes

The Innisfil Transit Social Outcomes study looks at the social impacts of our transit system. It found that our transit system expands services to underserved populations, such as those without cars and those with lower household incomes. 

U.S. Department of Energy (NREL) report

Read NREL's Sustainability, Scalability and Resiliency of the Town of Innisfil Mobility-on-Demand Experiment for preliminary results, analyses, and lessons learned of Innisfil Transit. NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. The NREL paper builds on Toronto Metropolitan University's findings by assessing Innisfil Transit with respect to sustainability, scalability, and resiliency.

Staff reports

Our staff reports provide updates to transit partnerships, ridership and community feedback. Check out our recent reports and their updated recommendations: