Food trucks (refreshment trailers) must have a business licence to operate in the Town of Innisfil under By-law 080-18. 

We only permit 10 food trucks in Innisfil at any given time. If the maximum number of food trucks has been reached we will add your application to a wait list. This limit does not include food trucks at special events as they are temporary and meant for one-time uses.

Approved vendors

See a list of licensed food trucks in Innisfil.

  1. Poutine on the Ritz
  2. Beaver Tails
  3. Friday Harbour Village
  4. Mrs. Riche's Kitchen
  5. Cooks Bay Marina
  6. Queen Poutine
  7. Beach Road Grill
  8. HK Food Station

Approval process

Once we're accepting new applications, vendors must follow this approval process for a valid licence. 
Submit an application

Submit a completed Business Licence Application in person at Town Hall or by email to Your submission must include:

  • Fully dimensioned site drawings of the proposed location 
  • Proof of insurance
  • Owner's authorization 
  • Fulfillment of Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and Innisfil Fire Department requirements
Application review
Planning Services will review your application for compliance with the Town's Zoning By-law. A By-law Officer will confirm compliance with other Town by-laws. Staff may follow up if we need more information about your application. 
Licence approval
If your application is successful, we'll contact you to pick up your business licence at Town Hall. An application fee of $300 (subject to change) is payable at this time. 
Once your application is approved, you must meet the standards set out in the Town's Zoning By-law. Inspectors from the Fire and By-law departments will visit your site to ensure compliance. 

Vehicle requirements

Our Zoning By-law defines food trucks as a mobile cart or motor vehicle, with or without wheels or runners, used to carry people or goods. This means that an ice cream cart, hot dog stand and poutine food truck all count as food trucks and must meet the following requirements:

  • The body, doors and windows of the vehicle must be sufficiently constructed to provide protection against dust, dirt, flies, and other harmful items
  • The vehicle must have a metal refuse container with a self-closing lid or a disposable litter container
    • You must replace either form of container daily, and keep it clean and sanitary at all times
  • The floor and walls of the vehicle must be free of holes, cracks and crevices, and the surface must be kept in a good, clean condition

Food trucks at special events

Food trucks may be present at special events after receiving a temporary business licence from the Town of Innisfil. Since the food truck will be present for short amount of time, the approval process for a business licence is simpler and quicker. Please apply for a business licence to begin the approval process.