The Parks and Recreation Master Plan provides the Town of Innisfil with a framework to improve recreational services, programming and infrastructure.

Community input - Land and Lake Plan

We're updating the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Land Plan) completed in 2016 and finishing the Lake Simcoe Enjoyment Strategy (Lake Plan). Together, these two documents will guide us in providing both land-based and water-oriented recreation services to residents and visitors over the next 20 years. Resident feedback will help us create a shared vision and set goals for:

  • New parks within neighbourhoods
  • Improvements to current parks
  • Better lake access
  • Enhancements to activities within our parks
  • Recreation services

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Goals and objectives

Review the purpose and objectives of the Land and Lake Plan. 

Land Plan

The Land Plan will provide recommendations to improve our public spaces in an environmentally sustainable way. The purpose of the Land Plan is to:

  • Guide planning, design and land-use decisions for existing and future parks 
  • Guide programming improvements within parks and facilities 
  • Identify key park elements that contribute to year- round enjoyment
  • Set park and programming development priorities
  • Inform budgetary decisions

Lake Plan

The Lake Plan seeks to understand the ways that residents and visitors interact with the lake and what's needed to facilitate those interactions. The purpose of the Lake Plan is to:

  • Guide the planning, design and land-use decisions for lake-access parks and road ends 
  • Review the possibility of Town-operated ports, docks, or moorings
  • Create a plan for sustained economic benefits of being a lakeside community and attract business opportunities
  • Create a plan to encourage and facilitate more recreational opportunities including boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, etc.
  • Guide programming recommendations for lake access parks and road ends
  • Identify key park elements that contribute to year- round enjoyment and greater continuity
  • Inform budgetary decisions and timelines