Businesses applying to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for a new liquor sales licence or changes to an existing liquor licence must receive municipal clearance. 

What is municipal clearance?

Municipal clearance is documentation provided to the AGCO that shows an applicant’s premises meet current standards or by-laws. It involves submitting a Municipal Information Form signed by the Clerk’s Office and compliance letters (also known as "agency letters of approval") to the AGCO to show that the area has been inspected and approved. We provide Building and Fire inspections and approvals. 

Application forms

Visit the AGCO's website for application forms and relevant resources. A complete application includes:

  • Municipal compliance letters: Use the “Agency Letter of Approval” provided by the AGCO. Please include two copies of the form for Fire to complete. Building will provide a separate letter detailing the occupant load as defined by the Ontario Building Code.
  • Municipal Information Form: Completed with all requested information and ready for the Clerk to sign.
  • Agency letter of approval from the local health unit: This is the responsibility of the applicant and not facilitated by the Town.
  • Drawings: Floor plan, and if applicable, a site plan that includes the licensed area, seating (including how many), washrooms (location and number), and the maximum number of staff that will be on duty on any shift.
Application process 
Municipal clearance for your liquor sales licence will follow the steps below. 
Submit your application

Submit your complete set of forms to Customer Service at We will reach out to confirm whether the application is complete or if we need further information. If the application is complete, we will take payment and provide a file number to the applicant. 

Schedule your inspection(s)

Our Fire and Building departments will contact you directly to review the submissions and schedule the applicable inspection(s). 

Send the application package to the ACGO

Once all inspections are completed and approved, the file will be actioned with our Clerk's Office for final approval. The Clerk's Office will submit your application package to the AGCO.

Close the file

Customer service will notify you when your application has been submitted to the AGCO and close the file. Further follow up is between the applicant and AGCO directly.


Fees are payable when you submit your application based on the latest Fees and Charges schedule:

  • Fire AGCO Inspection, $150.00
  • Building AGCO Inspection, $222.55 
  • Liquor Licence Board of Ontario Applications for Council Approval, $37.75