The Town of Innisfil's refreshed Strategic Plan guides our efforts to preserve our past, build for the future, and serve residents and businesses as effectively as we can. It sets the strategic priorities for the community, Council and Town staff until the year 2030.

Read the Town of Innisfil Strategic Plan

A message from the Mayor

Listen to Mayor Dollin introduce Innisfil's Strategic Plan:

The value of strategic planning

The Strategic Plan is the overarching plan for the Town. It helps:

  • Guide Council decision-making and priority-setting over the lifespan of the plan
  • Inform departmental work plans and the budget
  • Provide staff with a clear sense of how their day-to-day work relates to the organization's overall strategic direction
  • Build unity and alignment within the organization
  • Communicate Town priorities to the community

Our mission

Together, we are a unique and innovative community, strengthened by an inclusive population, and unified by the belief that there is no greater place to call home.

Guiding values

Our vision is Community First. Future Next. Balance Always.

Community First

Locally minded and priding ourselves on fostering ways to support one another, we value the insights and contributions of those who live and work here. At the same time, we recognize our roles as members of a global community, welcoming all and recognizing we are stronger together. We are committed to upholding the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all we do.

Future Ready

Innisfil is fertile ground for inventive minds and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Proactive decisions today, coupled with our ability to adapt and implement, enable us to stay on the leading edge of innovation. We forge boldly ahead, optimistically focused on the future.

Balance Always

Recognizing that in order to sustain the joy and prosperity our natural heritage brings, we must be guided by a commitment to responsible development. We believe it’s possible to find harmony between growth and conservation. While we embrace elements of urban life, we are honoured stewards of our rural roots and the land upon which we live.

At a glance: Strategic goals and objectives

The goals and objectives in Innisfil's Strategic Plan include:

Priority 1: Grow

We are a growing community. Through proactive and smart planning, we work towards the strategic balance of enabling Innisfil to grow and thrive while also celebrating and respecting the unique mix of urban, rural, and agricultural spaces that make it special.


  • Proactively plan and manage growth
  • Promote a diversity of housing types
  • Build and diversify the local economy

Priority 2: Sustain

We embrace the principles of sustainability as we actively protect, maintain, and enhance the environment, assets and amenities that our residents depend on. 


  • Protect and preserve Innisfil’s natural heritage and Lake Simcoe
  • Advance climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives
  • Ensure continued financial sustainability

Priority 3: Connect

We build connections at all levels—physically, socially, and culturally—to support the overall well-being and vitality of our community.


  • Enhance communication and civic engagement
  • Ensure a safe and reliable transportation network
  • Support a healthy, active and safe community
  • Continue to engage in advocacy and partnerships to deliver on community priorities

Priority 4: Serve

We work together to deliver high quality programs and services, with a focus on accountability, value-for-money, and innovation.


  • Focus on continuous improvement in service delivery
  • Build organizational resilience
  • Establish the Town as a leader in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion