The Innisfil Accessibility Advisory Committee's (IAAC) Breaking Down Barriers Awareness Program provides opportunities for Grade 5 Innisfil elementary school students to learn what everyday life is like for people with different abilities. Through interactive activities and demonstrations, students gain firsthand experience of the barriers that may prevent someone from fully participating in our community.

The program aims to change the stigma associated with disabilities and reinforce the importance of universal access and inclusion for everyone.

Students participating in a visual simulation test

Students learning about the use of a wheelchair

Students participating in a hearing test

Program delivery

Breaking Down Barriers Awareness Days are free, half-day programs delivered by members of the IAAC together with teacher helpers and senior student volunteers. The program is geared towards Grade Five students and can host up to 45 participants.


A Breaking Down Barriers Awareness Day includes four stations that support education on:

  • Wheelchair use
  • Blindness
  • Hearing loss
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Mental health


The Breaking Down Barriers Awareness Program is provided with support from DeafBlind Ontario Services and SUPERIOR Home Health Care (Barrie location).

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