As part of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan (LSPP), The Town of Innisfil must have a Stormwater Management Program. Our Stormwater Management Master Plan ensures stormwater is sustainably managed to protect our water supply and environment.

Notice of study

We're updating our Stormwater Management Master Plan to develop long-term strategies to manage stormwater runoff while improving and maintaining the Town's water resources. At the same time, we're completing a flooding strategy to identify and prioritize areas of concern so we can find cost-effective, sustainable and innovative solutions.


The update to the plan ensures we remain compliant with the LSPP while accounting for growth in Innisfil over the next 20 years. Results from the study will be made available for public review. We'll look for your feedback throughout the study process. Follow our Get Involved Innisfil page for updates on how to participate.

Goals and objectives

The Stormwater Management Master Plan aims to improve stormwater drainage to minimize:

  • Erosion
  • Phosphorous loading
  • Changes in water balance


Recommended actions in the Master Plan include:

  • Stormwater pond clean-outs and retrofits
  • Using low impact drainage methods, such as rainwater gardens, enhanced grass swales and permeable pavements
  • Adding oil grit separators upstream of the ponds
  • An inspection and maintenance program, including stormwater facility inspection, replanting dead vegetation, removing beaver dams and more


Check out the plan appendices to learn about the different studies and data we used to create the Stormwater Management Master Plan:

Appendix A – Stormwater Management Facility (SWMF) mapping

Review the SWMF mapping to see locations of facilities in Town.

Appendix B – Stormwater Management Units

Review the Stormwater Management Units to find the location of ponds in Town.

Appendix C – Pond survey and assessment

Review the following steps of pond surveys and assessments to learn more:

Appendix D – Cost estimate

Review the cost estimates associated for the recommended actions in the Master Plan.