As part of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, the Town of Innisfil must have a Stormwater Management Program. The plan ensures stormwater is sustainably managed to protect our water supply and environment.

In 2024, we updated our Stormwater Management Master Plan to account for town growth over the next 20 years and added a Flooding Strategy to identify areas of concern and potential strategies.

Read the Stormwater Management Master Plan and Flooding Strategy

See the appendices to the plan for more information.

Plan details

The Stormwater Management Master Plan and Flooding Strategy has five elements:

  1. Pollution Prevention, Operations, and Maintenance Practices - This element focuses on pollution prevention and municipal practices that can help to prevent impacts before they occur.  
  2. Source Control Measures - This element focuses on increasing the implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) strategies on private properties. It includes setting volume control requirements for new developments, infill projects, and redevelopments.
  3. Conveyance Infrastructure and Controls - This element focuses on improving the way municipal roads manage runoff by constructing stormwater management controls, including LID controls as part of routine road reconstruction programs to reduce stormwater volume and pollutant loading. 
  4. Stormwater Management Facilities - This element focuses on maintaining and improving existing stormwater management facilities as well as constructing new stormwater management facilities in uncontrolled stormwater catchments.
  5. Flood Management and Watercourse Restoration - This element focuses on managing urban flooding associated with storm sewer surcharging with focus on the predicted impacts of climate change.

You can view the presentation to Council to learn more.


Check out the plan appendices to learn about the different studies and data we used to create the Stormwater Management Master Plan and Flooding Strategy: