The Town of Innisfil's Traffic Calming Strategy provides an approach to guide how traffic calming measures (TCMs) are implemented in the town. The strategy blends proven techniques with new, forward-thinking technologies to address the needs of the community.

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Traffic Calming Strategy objectives

The Traffic Calming Strategy aims to:

  • Increase safety for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists) through reduced traffic speeds
  • Improve walkability by implementing additional crosswalks, medians, and islands
  • Reduce noise and pollution levels

The end-term goal is to create a livable and sustainable community where citizens feel safe and empowered to use their streets according to their needs.

Traffic Calming Strategy components

The Traffic Calming Strategy has three components, including a Traffic Calming Design Guide, a 10-Year Traffic Calming Program, and the Town's Updated Traffic Calming Policy.

Traffic Calming Design Guide

The Traffic Calming Design Guide provides a step-by-step process for Town staff to determine if TCMs are warranted at a particular location. The guide also presents options for applicable TCMs, detailing their effectiveness, design and implementation, positive and negative aspects, and cost.

Traffic Calming Program

The Traffic Calming Program outlines a 10-year plan for implementing TCMs within the town. It identifies 15 locations where TCMs are to be implemented over the next three years (pending Council approval and funding) and provides a process for selecting additional sites and measures over the following seven years. 

Road NameMeasuresStatus

Innisfil Beach Road from 20th Sideroad to Webster Boulevard

Speed display board at both ends of the street and flexible delineators separating bike lanes from road lanes In Progress

Victoria Street from Yonge Street to North Gate Street

Flexible bollards with speed limit signs In Progress

25th Sideroad from Carniola Drive to 10th Line

Flexible bollards with speed limit signs In Progress

25th Sideroad from Joseph Street to Willow Avenue

Flexible bollards with speed limit signs In Progress

Innisfil Beach Road from Jans Boulevard to Adulam Avenue

Widen the bike lane and narrow the double lanes with delineators Proposed
7th Line from Webster Boulevard to Quarry Drive Full lane transverse bar with widened centreline, flexible bollards, and speed limit signs Proposed
Ewart Street from Arnold Street to Chapman Street Speed cushions, and widened centreline, with flexible bollards and delineators Proposed
King Street North from Garibaldi Street to 250 m north of Garibaldi Street Speed enforcement camera (one per direction), on-street parking lane and painting, and temporary bulb-outs using flex stakes or planters Proposed
Saint John's Road from Kennedy Road to Nantyr Drive Pedestrian crossover and raised crosswalk near the park entrance and speed cushions Proposed
10th Line from 25th Sideroad to Christie Street Widened centreline with flexible bollards and speed cushions Proposed
25th Sideroad from 31 m south of Rose Lane to Candaras Street Speed display boards, on-road messages, and pavement markings Proposed
Belle Aire Beach Road from Reid Avenue (60 m east of Willow Street) to Temple Avenue Island and gateway, widened centreline, flexible delineator, and speed limit signs Proposed
King Street South from Victoria Street East to Riley Street  Flexible bollards, speed limit signs, pedestrian crossover, textured crosswalk, and bulb out at the crosswalk  Proposed
Maple Road from Maple Way to Button Place Widened centreline, flexible bollards, speed limit signs, and flexible delineators  Proposed
Shore Acres Drive to 20th Sideroad to Everton Drive Island and gateway, flexible bollards, speed limit signs, and widened centreline Proposed

Traffic Calming Policy updates

The process to develop the Traffic Calming Strategy included a review and update of the Town's 2018 Traffic Calming Policy. The updates included:

  • Revised criteria for the warrant system for TCMs
  • An enhanced prioritization system for TCMs
  • Proactive and reactive approaches to traffic calming

Please review Appendix G: Policy Update for more information.

Traffic Calming Strategy Appendices

View the Traffic Calming Strategy Appendices to learn about the data, studies, and feedback used to create the strategy.