The Town of Innisfil's Traffic Calming Strategy provides an approach to guide how traffic calming measures (TCMs) are implemented in the town. The strategy blends proven techniques with new, forward-thinking technologies to address the needs of the community.

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Traffic Calming Strategy objectives

The Traffic Calming Strategy aims to:

  • Increase safety for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists) through reduced traffic speeds
  • Improve walkability by implementing additional crosswalks, medians, and islands
  • Reduce noise and pollution levels

The end-term goal is to create a livable and sustainable community where citizens feel safe and empowered to use their streets according to their needs.

Traffic Calming Strategy components

The Traffic Calming Strategy has three components, including a Traffic Calming Design Guide, a 10-Year Traffic Calming Program, and the Town's Updated Traffic Calming Policy.

Traffic Calming Design Guide

The Traffic Calming Design Guide provides a step-by-step process for Town staff to determine if TCMs are warranted at a particular location. The guide also presents options for applicable TCMs, detailing their effectiveness, design and implementation, positive and negative aspects, and cost.

Traffic Calming Program

The Traffic Calming Program outlines a 10-year plan for implementing TCMs within the town. It identifies 15 locations where TCMs are to be implemented over the next three years (pending Council approval and funding) and provides a process for selecting additional sites and measures over the following seven years. 

Traffic Calming Policy updates

The process to develop the Traffic Calming Strategy included a review and update of the Town's 2018 Traffic Calming Policy. The updates included:

  • Revised criteria for the warrant system for TCMs
  • An enhanced prioritization system for TCMs
  • Proactive and reactive approaches to traffic calming

Please review Appendix G: Policy Update for more information.

Traffic Calming Strategy Appendices

View the Traffic Calming Strategy Appendices to learn about the data, studies, and feedback used to create the strategy.