The Town of Innisfil adopted a Community Benefits Charge (CBC) By-law and Community Benefits Charge Strategy on April 26, 2023. Review the Notice of Passing and staff report for more information. 

CBCs are a relatively new revenue source for municipalities. Generally, the framework for CBCs is as follows:

  • CBCs can only be used to fund growth-related shares of capital infrastructure
  • Projects identified for CBC funding can overlap with other revenue sources such as development charges and parkland dedication, but cannot be “doubled counted” for recovery through revenue sources
  • In-kind contributions are permitted and municipalities may require an agreement with a land owner be registered on title
  • CBCs are “capped” at 4% of the land value
  • CBCs can only be imposed on developments with 5 or more storeys and 10 or more residential units
  • Only single-tier and lower-tier municipalities can charge CBCs on development

Appeal process

Any person or organization may appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal with respect to the Community Benefits Charge By-law by filing with the Clerk of the Town of Innisfil on or before June 5, 2023 with a notice of appeal setting out the objection to the By-law and the reasons supporting the objection. The appellant is advised to contact the Ontario Land Tribunal (formerly the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and Ontario Municipal Board) to access required forms and applicable provincial fees.

Public engagement

We hosted a public meeting on the Community Benefits Charge on April 19, 2023 to give people an opportunity to comment. You can watch the video recording on our YouTube channel.