The Town of Innisfil is updating the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) completed in 2018 to make sure it still reflects the needs of residents. This update will allow us to create a long-term transportation vision and strategy to address future mobility needs.

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2018 Transportation Master Plan

We completed a 2018 Transportation Master Plan as an update to the 2013 Transportation Master Plan.


View the 2018 TMP appendices to learn about the studies and feedback used to create the plan.

Appendix A – Survey questionnaire and analysis

Review the survey questionnaire and analysis to see what kind of community feedback we received and how we used it.

Appendix B – Public consultation

Review the public consultation materials to find educational resources we shared with the community.

Appendix C – Travel demand modelling

Review the traffic demand modelling to see how we used daily travel demand data to create our transportation strategies.

Appendix D – Policies

Review the policies we created to help us meet our transportation goals.

Appendix E – Detailed active transportation improvement locations

Review the active transportation improvement locations for a list of areas where we focused on improving active transportation methods.

Appendix F – 2013 TMP recommendations

Review the 2013 TMP recommendations to see how they have evolved over time.

2013 Transportation Master Plan

The 2013 Transportation Master Plan addressed existing and future transportation issues in Innisfil.


View the 2013 TMP appendices to learn about the studies and feedback we used to create the plan.

Appendix A – Background studies

Review the background studies for the TMP that helped guide our long-term transportation network.

Appendix B – TMP questionnaire detailed analysis

Review the TMP questionnaire analysis to learn how community feedback helped create the TMP.

Appendix C – Public consultation materials

Review part one and part two of the public consultation materials to see how our residents, regulatory agencies and stakeholders helped guide our TMP objectives.

Appendix D – Innisfil traffic policies

Review the Innisfil traffic policies to learn how we used traffic calming policies to guide our TMP.