The Town of Innisfil is responsible for over 750 km of road. You can explore our road jurisdictions map to find out who is responsible for road maintenance on each road in our community.

Report an issue


Learn about municipal parking lots, review our parking regulations and find out how to pay a parking ticket in Innisfil.

Snow clearing

We offer snow clearing services during the winter months to help keep our roads safe. You can track the plow and review our prioritized routes.

Road permits

The Town of Innisfil issues a variety of road permits including:

  • Oversized vehicle permits
  • Right of way permits for use or changes to roadways, ditches, and boulevards
  • Entranceway permits for new driveways or modifications to your existing driveway

Review the application requirements and find out how to apply.

Reporting potholes

Regular patrols are done in line with the provincial requirements of the Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) for roads. If you spot a pothole you can report it to our Customer Service team at 705-436-3710.

If your vehicle has sustained damage as a result of hitting a pothole, see Property Damage Claims for information on making a claim.

Traffic control and signals

Traffic signals and stop signs help control the flow of traffic and enable pedestrian crossings at intersections. Traffic control and signals on town roads are maintained by our operations department. Please contact Customer Service at 705-436-3710 to report malfunctioning lights or missing signs.

Speed limits

Ontario's Ministry of Transportation's Highway Traffic Act sets a default municipal speed limit of 50 km per hour on roadways within cities, towns, villages or built-up areas. In community and school zones, as well as throughout the community of Cookstown, the speed limit has been lowered to 40 km per hour.

Active transportation

There are a variety of ways to get around and keep active in Innisfil without relying on a vehicle. Sidewalks, paved shoulders, and bike lanes make up the town's active transportation network.

Traffic calming

Are you concerned about the traffic speeds and safety in your neighbourhood? Learn how to make a traffic safety request and explore the traffic calming measures we are putting in place to keep our roads safe for everyone.