Find out what level of government is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and governance of each road in Innisfil, and how to best direct any questions you may have.

Types of jurisdictions

Roads can belong to one of the following jurisdictions.

Town of Innisfil

Most local roads are owned by the Town of Innisfil. Check out Roads and Traffic for more information or questions on our roadways, services, and maintenance.

Unassumed roads

Unassumed roadway are roadways that the municipality has not yet assumed responsibility of, often because they are still under construction. Although it may seem like the roadway is finished, there may be utilities, services, or changes required to the roadway before construction is complete.

These roads are often seen in newer developments while the construction of the subdivision is ongoing. Often subdivision roadways are not assumed, and become local roadways, until long after there are people living in the subdivision. In these cases, the maintenance of unassumed roadways is the responsibility of the developer.

County of Simcoe

Many of our larger roadways in Innisfil are under the care and control of the County of Simcoe. For information about the County's roadways and service levels, please visit their website.

Ministry of Transportation (MTO)

The Ministry of Transportation cares for large highways and some intersecting roads. Questions and concerns about Highway 400 and some parts of Highway 89 can be directed to the MTO.

Private ownership

Private roadways are owned by individuals or groups of individuals. If you live on a private road you should have information about your road with your title documents.

Unopened roads

Unopened roadways are sections of road that are not intended for regular use. They may be gated or barricaded to restrict access. These roadways are not maintained and ownership may vary.

View a road map

View the interactive map for more information about road jurisdictions.