The Town of Innisfil is a community rich in history and cultural heritage. We are committed to conserving and protecting what we've inherited from the past—for the benefit of the present and the future.

Innisfil Heritage Advisory Committee

The Innisfil Heritage Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council on local heritage matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act. This includes the preservation and conservation of buildings within Innisfil that have been deemed historically, culturally or architecturally significant to the community.

Members help promote and educate local residents on heritage issues within the Town, regularly review and identify potential Heritage properties, and advise Council on potential Heritage designations.

Innisfil Heritage Property Awards

Each year, the Innisfil Heritage Advisory Committee accepts nominations from residents for the Innisfil Heritage Awards. The awards present an opportunity to strengthen a sense of community pride through a connection with our past. They recognize local property owners, businesses or tenants for their efforts in the preservation, restoration and enhancement of heritage properties in Innisfil.


We accept nominations for buildings or heritage assets that showcase one or all of the following attributes:

  • Buildings or heritage assets are well maintained
  • Buildings or heritage assets enhance the streetscape
  • Candidate is sensitive to the heritage features of the property, especially if it has been restored, rehabilitated or adaptively re-used
  • Buildings or heritage assets assist in revitalizing the community through heritage conservation

You can submit nominations for a property in any of the following categories:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial building with a business, including office, restaurant or store
  • Institutional building, such as a church, school or public facility
  • You may nominate your own or others' property

Submitting a nomination

You can nominate a property by completing the Innisfil Heritage Property Awards Nomination Form and submitting it with your supporting photos by November 29, 2024. You can submit the form by email to or by mail to:

Innisfil Heritage Advisory Committee
c/o Town of Innisfil
2101 Innisfil Beach Rd.
Innisfil, ON L9S 1A1

Selection and award presentation

Award winners are selected by an independent selection group that is established by the Innisfil Heritage Advisory Committee. All nominators will receive written acknowledgement of their nomination and are notified of the selection group's decision. The awards are presented at an Innisfil regular Council meeting each February during Ontario Heritage Week.

Heritage Conservation Districts

As part of the Ontario Heritage Act, the Town may designate areas that possess distinct heritage qualities and characteristics (such as age, quality of buildings, streetscapes and open space) as Heritage Conservation Districts. With this designation, staff can develop and implement policies and guidelines through a Heritage Conservation District Plan.

The plan provides a framework for ensuring that any redevelopment, significant renovations, alterations and new growth within the district boundary is consistent and does not detract from the character-defining elements of the area.

Heritage Alteration Permits

Owners of properties within Heritage Conservation District boundaries who wish to undertake renovations, updates or new construction may require a Heritage Alteration Permit. These permits ensure that any alterations are complimentary to the existing heritage attributes of the building and neighbourhood and do not diminish the heritage value of the property.

Municipal Heritage Register

The Town's Municipal Heritage Register lists all properties that are of cultural heritage value or interest within the municipality. The Innisfil Heritage Advisory Committee uses the Ontario Heritage Act's guidelines to advise Council on heritage designations.

This register allows us to:

  • Acknowledge a property's heritage value and its significance to the identity of the community
  • Ensure the conservation of properties' identified heritage elements for the benefit of present and future generations

Heritage Sign Project

The multi-phase Heritage Sign Project helps grow and promote the Town's heritage assets, while providing potential opportunities for heritage-related tourism initiatives. Signs identify and depict some of the original historical settlements within Innisfil. They also commemorate important historical events and significant sites and individuals throughout the community.


Learn about the importance of history and heritage conservation and promotion through these organizations: