The Town of Innisfil offers the Fee Assistance in Recreation (F.A.I.R.) program to Innisfil residents facing financial barriers that prevent them from taking part in recreational activities. F.A.I.R. enhances access to municipal recreation programs by providing fee assistance to eligible participants.

Successful applicants may receive a discount of up to 25% toward Town program registration fees, with a total of $200 per year, per participant.


Applicants must be a resident of Innisfil to apply for the F.A.I.R. program. We strive to make our recreation programs accessible for all and we do not turn down any applicants due to an inability to pay.

Apply for the program

Please follow the steps below if you are interested in applying for the F.A.I.R. program.

  1. Complete our Fee Assistance in Recreation Application Form. You can print the form from our website, pick up a copy at Innisfil Town Hall, or contact us to request a physical copy to be mailed.
  2. Prepare and attach one proof of residency in Innisfil, which may include:
    • Photocopy of your driver's licence
    • Photocopy of a recent utility bill with your name and address
    • A copy of a municipal property tax bill
  3. Prepare and attach one proof of financial eligibility, which may include:
    • Letter from a social agency or religious institution
    • Letter from a school official
    • Letter from a member of Council
    • Letter from a supporting agency, such as a respite worker, social services, etc.
  4. Complete a Town of Innisfil Recreation Program Registration Form and Disclaimer, and attach them to your application.
  5. Return your completed application form and supporting documents by one of the following methods:

Town of Innisfil
2101 Innisfil Beach Rd.
Innisfil, ON L9S 1A1


Please ensure your application is submitted to the Town at least two weeks prior to the beginning of your activity or program.

Next steps

After you submit your application form and supporting documents, our staff will contact you with a response within approximately 10 business days. Once you have been approved for the program, we will:

  • Let you know your discounted amount
  • Work with you to identify the activities or programs you would like to register for
  • Work with you to allocate the funds