Through the Town of Innisfil's Bench Dedication Program, you can dedicate one of our park benches to the memory of a loved one or a dedicated member of the community. Depending on the type of dedication and availability, you can select from a variety of locations and include a personalized message for engraving.

Bench Dedication Application

Please submit your application by April 1 if you'd like the installation to take place in the same year. After the application deadline, we will attempt to accommodate requests, but can't guarantee same-year installations.

Dedication types and fees

You can choose to dedicate an existing bench or purchase a new bench to commemorate your loved one. View the details about each type of dedication along with the donation fees. For complete details about the program, review our Program Terms and Conditions.

Existing bench

Many of our parks and open spaces have benches that can be dedicated. If you decide to dedicate an existing bench, your donation fee will cover the cost of:

  • Purchase of the plaque
  • Coordination of the donation including site selection, plaque installation and follow up at the conclusion of the dedication term


It costs $1,235 to dedicate an existing bench.

Dedication term

All bench dedications will last for up to 10 years from the time of the donation, or the life of the bench.

Please note

We recommend that you visit the location of the bench prior to submitting an application. There are no warranties on existing benches. All benches are in good condition but will continue to naturally wear over time.

New bench

We have several locations in parks and open spaces that would be great for a new bench. You can also choose a location that is being renovated through a capital project. We will add a dedication plaque to the bench and the donation will cover the cost of:

  • Purchase of the bench, plaque and construction of the cement pad
  • Three-year warranty
  • Coordination of the donation including site selection, bench installation and follow up at the conclusion of the dedication term


It costs $4,322 to purchase a new bench for a dedication.


The Town will provide one replacement bench if the bench is vandalized or destroyed within the first three years. It is important to note that outside the initial warranty period, the Town will not replace a bench if it is damaged or destroyed due to a natural disaster or act of nature.

Dedication term

All dedications will last up to 10 years from the time of the donation.

Capital projects

If you choose a location that is being renovated as part of a capital project, the timeline for installation may vary based on the project completion timeline.

Re-dedication process

Once the 10-year dedication term ends, we will contact you to see if you'd like to make a second donation and extend the term of the memorial. We will make every attempt to contact you at the end of the term. Please be sure to keep us updated if your contact information changes.

If you choose not to rededicate the bench, we will return the dedication plaque.

What happens if we can't reach you?

If we aren't able to get a hold of you, we will add the bench to the available inventory list and others will be able make donations. We will hold the dedication plaque for two months before disposing of it.

Frequently asked questions

Review our frequently asked questions about the bench dedication program.

What happens if the bench is vandalized?

Vandalism does, unfortunately, occur within our parks and open spaces. We document and clean park features that have been vandalized as a part of our regular park maintenance. In the event that a park feature is vandalized or damaged beyond repair, the Town will determine best next steps and will contact you to advise if the bench needs to be removed or replaced.

If the plaque is damaged or stolen, we will provide one free replacement plaque during the dedication term.

New benches

If you make a donation for a new bench, we will provide a three-year warranty that covers the cost of one replacement bench at no additional cost.

What happens if the bench I dedicate doesn't last 10 years?

It is unlikely that a bench wouldn't last 10 years. New benches are expected to last at least 10 years and we provide a three-year warranty. Existing benches are in good to excellent condition and are likely to last 10 years. If a bench is deemed hazardous or needs to be removed, we will contact you to discuss options for rededication.

What happens if the Town does construction to the park?

If the park is being redeveloped, the Town will contact you to let you know about the project. We will cover all costs associated with relocating the bench to a new space in the community.

What is regular wear and tear on a bench expected to look like?

The condition of a bench is expected to deteriorate over time due to weather conditions. Typical wear and tear includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rust
  • Chips in the paint
  • Fading colour
  • Dents

Regular wear and tear will not result in a bench replacement. The Town is solely responsible for determining if the bench is deemed unsafe and needs to be replaced or removed.