Are you looking to begin a new building or development project in the Town of Innisfil? Our friendly staff can help guide you through any necessary steps that you may need to take to achieve your goal. Learn where to begin and discover everything you need to know to make your project a reality!

Planning and development

Interested in developing a new project in Innisfil? You can book a pre-consultation meeting with our staff to learn what may be required. Discover more information about development applications or charges, site plan control, and shoreline permits if your development is located along the shore. Our Official Plan guides all land use and development in the Town.

Our Committee of Adjustment grants minor variances and gives consent to landowners who wish to create a new unit, lot, addition or easement.

Building and renovating

When building or renovating in Innisfil, discover when you might need a permit and how to apply for a building or septic permit. You can also schedule an inspection with the Town or learn more about our zoning requirements and how to apply for a minor variance.

Ongoing projects and construction

Find out more about the Town's ongoing projects and construction activity, including environmental assessments and road closures.

History and heritage

Innisfil is rich in cultural heritage. We conserve and protect what we have inherited from the past for the benefit of the present and future. Learn about our area's conservation districts, as well as designated heritage properties and our Municipal Heritage Register.

Our Heritage Sign Project identifies and depicts some of the original historical settlements within Innisfil, along with important historical events, significant sites and individuals.