If you plan on planting a tree, building a fence, pool or deck, or doing any project that requires you to dig on your property in the Town of Innisfil, you must contact Ontario One Call at least five days before.

About Ontario One Call

Ontario One Call acts as a communications link between buried infrastructure owners and homeowners who are planning to dig. Representatives from each underground buried infrastructure owner will come out to mark the location of buried underground lines and cables on your property so that you can dig safely.

Visit their website or call 1-800-400-2255 for more information or to make a locate request.

Types of locates

You can request locates such as water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, street lighting hydro feeds, traffic signals (including crosswalks) and fibre optics.


If your locate involves a roadway, you may need a Road Occupancy Permit. View our Road Occupancy Permit Application to get started.