The Town of Innisfil and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) have completed a Conservation Authority Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to address the persistent flooding that has occurred in the South Alcona region. The study area included the Belle Aire and Cedar Creek watersheds.

Issue and proposed solution

The objective of the Class EA for the South Alcona region was to address the chronic flooding issues along the Belle Aire and Cedar Creek watersheds. Residents expressed concerns about public safety due to this flooding, as well as the rising costs to repair annual damages.

Stormwater management solution

With green infrastructure assisting with water quality and infiltration, the preferred stormwater management solution minimizes impacts to both the natural and social environments and is technically and economically feasible.

The preferred stormwater management solution included:

  • Channel improvements in the residential section of the Belle Aire Creek
  • Redirecting flows away from the Belle Aire Creek to the local Little Cedar Creek wetland

This diverted water would travel from a flow splitter to the wetland through a conveyance channel. By building a 1.2 metre berm around the Little Cedar Creek wetland, it can better handle increased stormwater volumes. The primary outlet for the wetland remains as the Little Cedar Creek. A weir control structure would be built at the outlet to maintain pre-development flows in the Little Cedar Creek. An emergency outlet would also be built one kilometre southwest of the primary outlet.

Notice of Completion

View the Public Notice of Completion for the project.

Public input

Two public information sessions were held in December 2019 and March 2020 to gather feedback for this project. Greenland International Consulting Ltd. completed the Class EA Environmental Study Report using comments received during these sessions.