The Town of Innisfil has completed a Schedule 'B' Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study (Class EA) to consider alternatives to improve the drainage capacity of Watercourse No. 5 (Banks Creek) from St. John's Road to Lake Simcoe.

Project history

In 2005, a Class EA was completed, and a subsequent report in March 2007 recommended a preferred solution to replace the existing concrete culvert structure on Cross Street with a concrete span structure.

After the Town engaged with associated engineers to design and construct the bridge replacement in 2018, the project team monitored ice accumulation that winter to discover any build-up within the creek and what would occur to the ice during the spring thaw. It was determined that replacing the culvert would not increase the capacity enough to accommodate upstream flows and alleviate flooding in the area.

Preferred solutions

A Class EA Addendum, completed in 2020, recommends the following preferred solutions to be implemented with these new findings in mind:

  • Delaying the culvert replacement at Cross Street until the service life of the structure has reached its end
  • A winter ice monitoring program to continue to monitor winter freeze and break-up patterns at the Cross Street culvert location
  • Maintain detailed records of localized flooding complaints
  • Consider additional alternatives which may offer a higher-cost benefit to alleviate flooding of the nearby properties

In addition, the Town is reviewing opportunities to provide bank stabilization along the watercourse to help prevent erosion and damage occurring to private properties. We will continue to monitor ice along the creek and at the mouth of the Banks Creek, keep track of flooding incidents and determine alternatives to alleviate flooding.


Construction improvements are scheduled to take place through summer 2022. Find more information and updates on our Get Involved Innisfil project page.

Environmental Summary Report

View the Environmental Summary Report (ESR), which documents the Class EA process, consultations, planning and recommended solution:

Class EA Addendum

An Addendum to the Class EA was completed in 2020 due to the lapse in time since the original Class EA's completion in 2007 and because the recommended solution was no longer applicable. The Addendum reviews the current environmental setting to update the project alternatives, including recommended solution and mitigation measures when considering the current planning context and legislation.

Addendum notices

View the Addendum notices issued upon initiation and completion: