Depending on the type of building permit you are applying for, you may be required to schedule one or more inspections with the Town of Innisfil or with local utilities. Any necessary inspections required by the Building Department and their scheduling instructions are listed on the back of your building permit. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to schedule inspections in the correct order listed, following the stages of construction.

You can view and download inspection reports by logging into Cloudpermit at any time.

Request an inspection

You can request an inspection using one of these options:

  1. Online through Cloudpermit
  2. By email at
  3. By phone at 705-436-3710 ext. 3500

When submitting an inspection request by email or phone, be sure to provide the address, permit number, desired date and time (morning or afternoon), and inspection type needed. For best results, provide two days' notice. When your request is confirmed, it will show as such in Cloudpermit with the associated date and timeframe.

How to request an inspection through Cloudpermit

To book an inspection:

  1. Login to Cloudpermit and select “Open Workspace” under the project requiring an inspection.
  2. This will open the permit record. Ensure you are on the “Work & Construction” stage of the permit. In the “Inspections” box, it will show your required inspections. Select “Request inspection” under the building element you are ready to have reviewed.
  3. Under the “New inspection request” that pops up, select the date and time you would like to request. You’ll see the unconfirmed request listed.

Once we’ve confirmed your inspection request, it will show as confirmed in Cloudpermit. We will not send confirmation emails unless there’s something we need to communicate to you. If you need to change the date or time, or cancel the request, select “modify request”. 

Viewing inspection reports

The inspector will enter their inspection report on our system, and an email notification will be sent to the applicable permit contacts. Inspection reports are available to view and download by logging in to Cloudpermit at any time. The inspection report will include any notable observations and the overall result of the inspection (e.g., Passed – Substantially complete, Failed – Not substantially complete, No access to site, Inspection not complete).

If the inspector was not able to pass the inspection, please make sure all items that they have noted are complete before requesting a re-inspection. A re-inspection fee may apply if the same deficiency is inspected more than twice, and further inspections will not be conducted until the fee is paid.

Posting your permits

Your approved permit drawings must be available on the project site for the purpose of inspections. The building permit placard must be posted so it can be easily seen on your property prior to starting work.

You can begin your construction project any time after receiving your permit issued by the Town.

Inspections by local utilities

Local utilities, such as hydro (InnPower and Electrical Safety Authority), natural gas (Enbridge) and water (InnServices) operate independently from the municipality. You may require inspections from these agencies, depending on the scope of your project.

Stages of inspection for new home construction

The following stages of inspection are typical for a new home build. Required inspections may vary depending on your project.

Footings inspection

This is a visual inspection for soil-bearing capacity and footing sizes. Foundations are intended to safely carry their own weight and the loads transferred to them. This inspection must occur before concrete is poured.

Water/sewer and inside drains inspection

The inspector looks for appropriate installation of exterior storm and sanitary drains, including material type, slope, colour (green equals sanitary and white equals storm), fittings and more.

Damp-proofing inspection

The inspector looks for size of foundation wall and that all water and damp-proofing measures have been installed, including weepers, stone, bituminous material and more. This must be done before you backfill around the foundation.

Framing inspection

The inspector examines the structural integrity of wall systems, floor systems, roof systems, means of egress, fire and sound control, mechanical systems, windows and fireplaces. All rough-ins for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and electrical must be completed. Your plumbing rough-in and HVAC rough-in inspections can be completed at the same time.

Insulation inspection

The inspector looks for compliance with thermal resistance, air barrier and vapour barrier requirements. All previously identified deficiencies are also inspected, as this is the last inspection before covering.

Occupancy inspection

The inspector verifies that all life safety measures are in place in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. This may include smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, guards and railings, and that the site is free of construction debris.

Lot grading stage one inspection

Lot grading stage one is after your rough lot grading is complete, but before sod is laid down. The inspector will check if your swales and slopes appear to be correct. This inspection is optional, but recommended.

Lot grading stage two inspection

After your grading is complete and grass is established, a lot grading stage two inspection is required. The inspector will check that the grading of the lot is complete and there appear to be no issues with ponding water. The driveway must also be completed based on the material designated in your lot grading plan (asphalt, etc.). Your grading consultant (Ontario Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer that designed your grading plan) must provide a Lot Grading Certificate to the Town verifying that the grading is correct, with their stamp.

Notice of completion/final inspection

During final inspection, all systems are operational and the construction is complete. There cannot be any outstanding issues. After this inspection passes, your permit is closed and your lot grading security deposit will be refunded.