Most development projects in the Town of Innisfil will require you to submit an approved site plan application. Site Plan Control supports the objectives of the Town's Official Plan and the requirements of the Zoning By-law.

Site Plan Control Areas

The Town of Innisfil passed a Site Plan By-law which designates all lands, with certain exceptions, as a Site Plan Control Area. If a development project is within this area, it will need to have an approved Site Plan Control application. The Town's Site Plan By-law provides a complete list of the zones included in the Town's Site Plan Control Area.

Site Plan Control application process

All development proposal applications will follow this process except those which are exempt from Site Plan Control requirements.

Pre-consultation meeting

You will first need to book a pre-consultation meeting with Town staff and the required external agencies. This meeting will let you discuss your development proposal, ask questions and go over the documents needed to submit your Site Plan Control application. Please complete and submit a Site Plan Application and your concept drawings to Planning Services when you book your pre-consultation meeting.

Preparing and submitting your application

Because Site Plan applications can be complex, we encourage you to consult with a professional planner or engineering consultant to help you coordinate application documents. We also suggest that the consultants contact us to ensure that the design criteria are met successfully.

Once you have submitted your application, we will review it within five business days and deem it as either complete or incomplete. If your application is incomplete, we will place it on hold and send you a list of outstanding items.

Review and circulation

If your application is complete, we will circulate it to the necessary departments and agencies for review. They will provide feedback on your development proposal.


If your application needs any revisions, we will send them to you in a Summary of Comments. You will need to address all necessary comments before re-submitting your application documents. We will then review and circulate the revised documents again. This process will continue until all authorities are satisfied with the application documents.

Site Plan agreement

Once the final Site Plan is approved, you will enter into a Site Plan Control Agreement with the Town. This agreement must be registered on title before you can apply for a building permit.