Lot grading is one of the final stages of construction for a typical new home. Lot grading provides good drainage away from buildings and adjacent properties. Locations of swales, elevation of the grade, and specified slope are some of the components that are inspected  before issuing a Lot Grading Certificate.

When will the lot grading be finalized for my property?

The building permit holder requests a Lot Grading Certification. Once the Developer’s Engineer has certified the final lot grading of your property, they will provide the Town with their report/certificate. After we receive the Lot Grading Certificate, the building permit holder must book a Notice of Completion inspection to close the building permit. A Building Inspector can attend within two business days of the inspection request

Lot grading deposits

We collect lot grading deposits as part of the building permit fees for the construction of a new home. This is a security that is held until the lot has been certified as graded according to approved plans, and the building permit has been closed. There are two kinds of deposits:

  1. Deposits made by Builders/Developers as part of a subdivision’s development
  2. Deposits made by an individual on a single lot (in-fill lot)

When is the deposit released?

Timelines and conditions will vary depending on the type of development.

Subdivision deposits 

We hold the deposit until the Developer's Engineer provides their written certification for the development’s infrastructure, a Stage 2 Lot Grading inspection has been approved for individual lots and the building permit has been closed. Other clauses within the development agreement may also apply. The building department will then release the deposit to the Builder/Developer that paid it.

The completion of a subdivision is a lengthy process. Homeowners should refer to their purchase agreements for verification of the terms of the release of any lot grading securities paid to their Builder/Developer. Some purchase agreements stipulate that deposits are released back to the homeowner upon assumption of the subdivision, which can take several years.

In-fill lot deposits

We hold the deposit until approval of the Stage 2 Lot Grading inspection, receipt of a lot grading certificate from the engineer that prepared the lot grading, and an acceptable Notice of Completion inspection to close the building permit. The building department will then process your refund.

The time it takes to receive your lot deposit depends on the time it takes for construction to be completed in compliance with the approved building permits, including completion of all required inspections through to the closing of the building permit.

Fencing and landscaping

It can be exciting to start making your new property feel like home with fencing and landscaping. However, it's recommended that you wait to install fencing or landscaping until the lot grading has been certified and we complete a Notice of Completion/Final Inspection. This prevents any damage or removal to these works if adjustments are required to the grading of your property.