You need to complete a development application for all new developments in the Town of Innisfil. All new developments must align with our Official Plan and zoning regulations. A pre-consultation meeting is required before you submit a planning application. All application forms can be sent to .

Zoning and land use applications

Your proposed development may not meet our zoning and land use regulations. You can apply for the following land use amendments, including Official Plan and Zoning amendments, Variance Applications and Shoreline Permits. View our application forms:

Division of land for development

Some types of development may require the division of land or property.


If you are a property owner looking to divide a piece of land into two or more lots to sell them, you can submit a Plan of Subdivision Application.

Part lot control

If you are a property owner who wants to sell a lot or block within a registered subdivision, you can submit a Part Lot Control Exemption Application.

Site plan applications

Some types of development may require site plan approval in accordance with the Town's Site Plan Control By-law. If you require site plan approval, you can submit a Site Plan Control Application.