Looking to build or renovate in the Town of Innisfil but not sure where to begin, or what permits or inspections you may need? We're here to help!

Building permits and zoning

We outline when building permits are needed and how to get them for a variety of projects by:

  • Homeowners
  • Housing developers
  • Industrial, commercial and institutional developers

Learn how to comply with the Town's zoning regulations and apply for minor variances if you seek to modify existing regulations for your property.


You can schedule an inspection with the Town after obtaining a building permit for your project.

Call Before You Dig

If you plan on planting a tree, building a fence, pool or deck, digging a new garden or doing any project that requires you to dig on your property, you must contact Ontario One Call at least five days before getting started.

Accessory dwelling units

Learn more about accessory dwelling units in Innisfil. These units can provide important community benefits, such as safe, affordable rental housing. They provide economic benefits to homeowners and they support the flexible housing needs of youth, young families and seniors.