Join us for Pitch-In Day! We invite everyone in the community to help keep Innisfil clean by collecting litter from road edges, public trails, parks and road ends.

We ask that Pitch-In participants contact or 705-436-3710 to let us know where they have left garbage bags with debris. From there, Operations staff will come to collect it. 

Upcoming Pitch-In Day

Shout out to the 5,200 student and community volunteers who made our 2024 Pitch-In Day a massive success! Thank you to our Pitch-In Day Working Group for organizing the event and to our sponsors for supporting the appreciation barbecue and with materials for the clean-up kits. Stay tuned for the next Pitch-In Day on Saturday, May 10, 2025.

Volunteer hours

Students can receive volunteer hours for participating in Pitch-In Day. Pitch-In Working Group members will sign off three hours for any high school student. 

Safety tips

We encourage Pitch-In participants to follow these safety tips:

  • Wear protective footwear and gloves
  • Wear light-coloured clothing that covers arms and legs
  • Wear a baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen
  • Drink lots of fluids while you work, especially on hot humid days
  • Stay alert for and avoid hazardous plants (i.e., Poison Ivy) and stinging insects

Civic Pride Award nominations

Do you, or someone you know, have community spirit? You should consider applying for the Debbie Mills Civic Pride Award. This award recognizes outstanding citizens who take pride in the community by volunteering to help keep Innisfil clean. We accept applications annually from April 1 to the last Friday in May.

Civic Pride Award Nomination Application

You can submit your nomination form by email to or drop it off to Town Hall located at 2101 Innisfil Beach Rd.


The Debbie Mills Civic Pride Award is open to:

  • Any individual who is a resident of Innisfil
  • Any organized groups located in Innisfil
  • Any business located in Innisfil

Volunteers can help keep Innisfil clean by:

  • Environmental greening
  • Picking up litter
  • Cleaning along the shoreline
  • Removing brush, debris or graffiti

Selection and award presentation

A panel of judges chooses the finalist from the received submissions and Council presents the Debbie Mills Civic Pride Award at a regular Council meeting in mid-June each year. All nominators will receive written acknowledgement of their nomination and are notified of the judges' decision.