The Town of Innisfil is a HIGH FIVE registered organization, which means that we deliver high-quality programs that are safe, welcoming and respectful of the needs of each participant. This ensures that participants can participate fully, make friends, learn skills and have fun while enjoying our recreational or leisure programs.

Courses and training dates

The following HIGH FIVE training courses are available through the Town of Innisfil:

  • Principles of Healthy Childhood Development
  • Quest 2
  • HIGH FIVE Sport
  • Principles of Healthy Aging
  • Quest 2 - Principles of Healthy Aging
  • Strengthening Children's Mental Health
  • Communicating with Empathy
  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution

View the HIGH FIVE training schedule for upcoming courses.

Five principles of development

HIGH FIVE is built around five principles of healthy child development and research shows that these are essential for quality programs:

  1. A caring leader
  2. The opportunity to make friends
  3. The opportunity to play
  4. The opportunity to master skills
  5. The opportunity to participate

Our commitment

All programs:

  • Are run by staff trained to meet the emotional, social and cognitive needs of participants
  • Use participant-focused policies and procedures for risk management and safety
  • Follow the five principles of healthy development