You can pay for Innisfil Transit by credit card, debit, Uber gift cards or PayPal. Make sure to download the Uber App to access our transit services and discounted rates.

Make sure you review our instructions on how to use Innisfil Transit before your first ride.

Transit rates by route

In order to access the discounted Innisfil rates, you'll need to be within the Town's boundaries. When you travel anywhere within Innisfil, you'll save $4 off the standard rate. You'll get the following discounted rates for any trip to or from these locations:

  • Innisfil Recreational Complex and Town Hall area costs $4
  • Innisfil ideaLAB and Library (Lakeshore branch) costs $4
  • South Innisfil Community Centre costs $4
  • Innisfil Community Church or Innisfil Food Bank costs $4
  • The closest GO transit bus stop along Yonge St. costs $5
  • Barrie South GO train station costs $6
  • Innisfil Heights Employment Area and Highway 400 carpool lot costs $6

The Essential Trips Assistance Program that provided a downloadable voucher for two free trips to designated locations ended on September 1, 2022 as per this report to Council

Fair Transit Program

The Fair Transit Program provides a 50% discount on all rides to eligible passengers. This helps remove financial barriers and provides low-income residents with access to transit. You can find the eligibility requirements within the Fair Transit Program Application.

Fair Transit Program Application

Once you're enrolled in the program, you'll be exempt from the 30 ride per month limit and you'll get two free return trips to the Innisfil Food Bank each month.

Refund requests

If you were charged an incorrect rate by Uber while using Innisfil Transit, please report this in the Uber App. At the bottom of your trip receipt, select “Review my fee and fares” to report an issue.

If you don't get a resolution within three to five business days, please complete the Fare Refund Request form. We aren't able to give you a direct refund, however, we can help you contact Uber to get your refund.