Innisfil Transit offers teen accounts through Uber to help youth aged 13-17 get where they need to go at a discounted rate.

How teen accounts work

  1. Teens can be added to their legal guardian or parent’s Uber Family profile within the app to get started. Only teens with an approved teen account are allowed to request a trip with Uber
  2. To ensure that teens are getting into the right car with the right driver, every trip can only start when drivers enter the correct PIN that teens provide them from their app before they enter the car
  3. Parents and guardians will be able to follow the trip and get updates in their app. 

Visit Uber's website for frequently asked questions about teen trips.

Safety features

Every teen trip will have mandatory safety features automatically enabled, including PIN verification, live trip tracking, unexpected event alerts, and access to Uber’s Safety Line.

Real-time notifications 

For extra peace of mind, a parent or guardian can track their teen’s live location from start to finish. They’ll get a message when their teen requests a ride, when they get picked up, while they’re on the way, and when they get dropped off.

PIN verification - Verify My Ride

Before a teen gets in the car, they have to give their driver a unique PIN. Drivers are unable to start a trip until they enter the correct code into the Driver app. This will help the teen make sure they get into the right car. Learn more about PIN verification.

Reporting safety incidents 

In an emergency, teens can use the in-app Emergency Button to contact 911.

After the trip, the teen can report a safety incident through the app by selecting the trip in their trip history and tapping Help, then Report Safety Issue or contacting Uber’s Safety Incident Reporting Line. 

What to expect on a teen trip

Here are some other details about teen trips:

  • Every teen trip will be charged to the default payment method selected under the legal guardian or parent’s Family profile
  • Teens can only ride alone or with other teens who are at least 13 years old and have approval from their legal guardian or parent to ride with Uber
  • Every teen trip will have a no-front-seat policy—so teens will be advised to sit in the back seat and remember to buckle up

Every Innisfil Transit experience should be safe, respectful, and positive. Guardians, teens, and drivers should all follow Uber’s Community Guidelines to help everyone have a great trip.