The Town of Innisfil is installing streetlights on various roads and intersections in 2024 as part of our Streetlight Program. The program includes placing new lights on an annual basis, which are installed based on an established prioritization strategy. This strategy includes an implementation hierarchy to determine which roads require streetlights first. The 5 areas of criteria include:

  1. Pedestrian Volume: Communities with schools and potential for students walking to school rather than taking the bus.
  2. Population: Installing streetlights in communities based on the population of that area.
  3. Housing Density: Streets within the community that have the highest density.
  4. Lighting Network: Building upon the current streetlights to create a cohesive network.
  5. Public Comment: Some communities may not wish to have streetlights installed. This community can be engaged by the Town to voice their concerns and potentially be identified as a dark community.

2024 streetlight installations


  • Kennedy Road
  • Nantyr Drive
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Richard Street
  • Douglas Avenue
  • Hartley Road
  • Wingrove Avenue


  • Big Bay Point Road & Guest Road (north intersection)
  • Big Bay Point Road & Guest Road (south intersection)
  • 2nd Line & Dempsey Street
  • 3rd Line & Harbour Street
  • 5th Sideroad & 3rd Line
  • 5th Sideroad & 5th Line
  • 5th Sideroad & 7th Line
  • 5th Sideroad & 14th Line
  • 5th Sideroad & 15th Line
  • 20th Sideroad & 14th Line

Additional streets or intersections may be added to the above list for installation in 2024 if scheduling and budget permits. Please check back for updates.


Public road access and traffic disruptions may occur during construction, but driveway access to private properties will be maintained at all times. Increased noise can be expected between 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during installation of the streetlights. InnPower may also complete infrastructure upgrades along the streets to support the installation in advance of the streetlights being installed.

Completion dates

The locations listed above are anticipated to have streetlights installed by May 1, 2024. Once the Town’s contractor begins the installation of streetlights on a particular road or intersection, work should be completed at that location within approximately one week.