The safety of our residents is always the first priority at the Town of Innisfil. We've taken steps to reduce speed and traffic on our roads. Review our Traffic Calming Strategy to learn how traffic calming measures will be implemented in the town moving forward.

Report a speeding concern

Any immediate speeding concerns should be reported directly to the South Simcoe Police Service non-emergency line at 705-436-2141. An increased police presence in your area may act as a deterrent for speeding motorists.

Traffic calming requests

If you have a concern about speed and traffic on your street, please contact us to submit a traffic calming request. Through our Traffic Calming Strategy, we've taken a proactive approach to screen the Town's roads to determine and rank the locations that qualify for traffic calming. This strategy supports regular screening and is data-informed. Data collection can include vehicle volumes, collision history, public complaints, and vehicle speeds.

When you submit a traffic calming request, we will provide you with an update for what may be planned for that area. In the event that the road hasn't been looked at proactively, we'll investigate your concern using the same process to determine if and what traffic calming measures are needed.

Traffic calming measures

Our Traffic Calming Strategy outlines traffic calming measures, including their application, effectiveness, potential risks and constraints, and an estimation of installation and maintenance costs. Measures are grouped into three categories:

  1. Vertical: Measures that change the height of the road such as a raised crosswalk or speed bump
  2. Horizontal: Measures that change the width of the road such as a chicane, speed kidney, or traffic circle
  3. Other: Measures that don't involve a horizontal or vertical change to the road surface, but still have an effect on driver behavior such as mobile speed enforcement, community safety zone signage, and various styles of pavement markings

To install a permanent traffic calming measure, the Town of Innisfil needs to have jurisdiction over the roadway. View our road jurisdictions to find out more about the jurisdiction of your road.

Mobile speed signs

We circulate a mobile speed sign each year from May to mid-October. This is an interim measure to help reduce traffic speeds. We will place the sign in areas where there are concerns from residents about traffic speeds.

Upcoming traffic calming projects

As part of the Town's Traffic Calming Program, 15 locations have been selected to receive traffic calming measures within the first three years. Measures are subject to budget availability and coordination with other Town projects, and may change. Locations include:

  • Innisfil Beach Road from 20th Sideroad to Webster Boulevard
  • Victoria Street from Yonge Street to North Gate Street
  • 25th Sideroad from Carniola Drive to 10th Line
  • 25th Sideroad from Joseph Street to Willow Avenue
  • Innisfil Beach Road from Jans Boulevard to Adulam Avenue
  • 7th Line from Webster Boulevard to Quarry Drive
  • Ewart Street from Arnold Street to Chapman Street
  • King Street North from Garibaldi Street to 250 m north of Garibaldi Street 
  • Saint John's Road from Kennedy Road to Nantyr Drive
  • 10th Line from 25th Sideroad to Christie Street
  • 25th Sideroad from 31 m south of Rose Lane to Candaras Street
  • Belle Aire Beach Road from Reid Avenue (60 m east of Willow Street) to Temple Avenue
  • King Street South from Victoria Street East to Riley Street 
  • Maple Road from Maple Way to Button Place
  • Shore Acres Drive to 20th Sideroad to Everton Drive