The safety of our residents is always the first priority at the Town of Innisfil. We've taken steps to help reduce traffic and speed on our roads. Find out how you can even get involved with the development of a traffic calming strategy.

Report a speeding concern

Any immediate speeding concerns should be reported directly to the South Simcoe Police Service non-emergency line at 705-436-2141. An increased police presence in your area may act as a deterrent for speeding motorists.

Submit a traffic calming request

If you have a concern about speed and traffic on your street, please contact us to submit a traffic calming request. You can also attend an upcoming Traffic Safety Advisory Committee meeting and speak about your concern. You'll need to submit your delegation request in advance by emailing

We will investigate the concern and consider installing safety measures, such as speed bumps, mobiles speed signs or crosswalks in your area.

Complaint process

After we receive a traffic calming request, we will take the following steps:

  • Staff will review documents and provide residents with information and resources
  • Engineering will review and provide a preliminary response
  • Engineering will gather and review data and implement necessary steps
  • Staff will make a recommendation to Council if a budget is required and will implement based on the decision of Council


If you're unhappy with the decision, you can make an appeal. We will work with you to develop a resolution. You can delegate to School Zone Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (SZTSAC).

Safety measures

Here are some of the safety measures we can take to reduce speeding and promote traffic calming throughout our community.

Mobile speed signs

The Town circulates a mobile speed sign each year from May to mid-October. This is an interim measure to help reduce traffic speeds. We will place the sign in areas where there are concerns from residents about traffic speeds.

If you submit a traffic calming request, we will add your street to the list of locations.


We can only install crosswalks on streets that have sidewalks. View our Transportation Master Plan to find our plans for installing crosswalks in the future.

Speed bumps

To install a permanent traffic calming measure, such as a speed bump, the Town of Innisfil needs to have jurisdiction over the roadway. Many of our subdivisions do not meet this criteria. View our road jurisdictions to find out more about the jurisdiction of your road.

If a road is eligible, we will take into the consideration the number of requests we receive about a particular road. Traffic counts and speed data also determine whether we will install a speed bump.

Children at play signs

We don't recommend installing children at play signs. These can often have the opposite effect and may encourage children to play near the street.

Traffic Safety Advisory Committee

The Traffic Safety Advisory Committee handles traffic calming requests from the community based on the Traffic Calming Policy. Review the upcoming meeting schedule and learn how to attend and participate in committee meetings.

Traffic Calming Policy

Review our Traffic Calming Policy to learn more about how we are reducing traffic and speed on our roads.