The Town of Innisfil owns and manages a large range of assets on behalf of our community. These assets deliver a number of services which must be managed in a cost-effective way, while ensuring they continue to meet the needs of the community now and in the future. The Town's Strategic Plan outlines a vision and key priorities for the Town over a 10-year horizon. Effective asset management is a key enabler to delivery of this plan and its objectives—with our assets helping to enable services and functions that maintain and improve quality of life for our community.

What is an asset?

An asset is infrastructure that is physical in nature, a significant economic resource, and provides delivery of programs and services.

What is asset management?

Asset management is the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of financial and technical processes to meet established levels of service.

What is an asset management plan?

An asset management plan is the report that summarizes the current and future state of asset management in the municipality. The plan is comprised of four sections, including: asset inventories; work schedules; service priorities; and activity budgets.

The Town is currently working on updating our asset management plans, which will provide an overview of the health of the Town's assets and a plan to maintain and improve municipal assets in the future. The asset management plans will assess each asset to determine if it is in a state of good repair or if we need to invest in improvements.

Current asset management plans

Current asset management policy

The Town of Innisfil's Asset Management Policy was approved at the June 26, 2019 Council meeting.

Understanding our assets

Municipal assets include, but are not limited to:

  • Water infrastructure such as watermains, hydrants valves and wells
  • Sanitary sewers, pumping stations and pollution control plants
  • Stormwater management such as catch basins, ponds and sewers
  • Road infrastructure such as bridges, roadways, streetlights and traffic signals

Parks and facilities

Innisfil also has a variety of assets in the form of parks and facility infrastructure. Review the Parks and Facilities Asset Management Plan to learn more about the status of each facility and how we plan to maintain these assets for future generations.

These assets include, but are not limited to:

  • Buildings
  • Splash pads
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports fields and courts
  • Beaches
  • Skate park
  • Beaches