The Town of Innisfil owns and manages a large range of assets on behalf of our community. Innisfil’s assets include core infrastructure assets (e.g. roads, bridges, structural culverts and stormwater elements) and non-core assets (e.g. fleet and community spaces such as parks, trails, amenities and facilities). These assets deliver a number of services that must be managed in a cost-effective way, while ensuring they continue to meet the needs of the community now and in the future. 

The Town is currently updating its Asset Management Plans to ensure compliance with Ontario Regulation 588/17 requirements. 

Paved road

Transportation Asset Management Plan

Last Update: July 2022

Includes roads, bridges, structural culverts and sidewalks.

A sign in front of a stormwater pond with trees and grass

Stormwater Asset Management Plan

Last Update: July 2022

Includes mains, laterals, maintenance holes, catch basins, oil grit separators, low impact development and stormwater management ponds.

A person in an orange safety vest working on a large blue water pipe

Water Asset Management Plan

Last Update: July 2022

Includes watermains, water valves, hydrants, water services, water fleet and water facility assets. These assets are managed by InnServices.

A wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater Asset Management Plan

Last Update: July 2022

Includes sanitary sewers, force mains, maintenance holes, sanitary services, wastewater fleet, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants. These assets are managed by InnServices.

An aerial view of Innisfil Beach Park with green grass and trees

Community Spaces Asset Management Plan

Last Update: In progress

Includes parks, trails, amenities and facilities.

A large dump truck being lifted into a garage

Corporate Fleet Asset Management Plan

Last Update: In progress

Includes vehicles, equipment and trailers and attachments.

Frequently asked questions

Review further information about asset management.

What is asset management?

Asset management is the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of financial and technical processes to meet established levels of service. Asset management intervenes at strategic points in an asset’s life cycle to extend the expected service life and maintain its performance. When maintenance activities are scheduled strategically it helps decrease costs by avoiding expensive unplanned or excessive maintenance.

 What is an asset management plan?

An asset management plan is a strategic document that provides summary level information about the quantity, quality, average age, and replacement value for a particular asset category. It also identifies:

  • Current levels of service 
  • Risks to each asset category
  • Future growth and climate demands
  • Asset lifecycle management including acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal, and disposal of assets
  • Financial data including current and future costs to maintain assets in good working condition
  • Monitoring and opportunities for improvement
Regulatory Requirements and Timelines

Ontario Regulation 588/17 (O. Reg. 588/17) requires municipalities to improve upon the way infrastructure assets are managed. The regulation aims to achieve consistency and standardization in asset management plans and requires municipalities to prepare an asset management plan for core and non-core assets. Innisfil is currently working towards compliance in a three phase approach:

Phase I was completed July 2022 with information about the Town's core infrastructure assets:

Phase II is to be completed by July 2024 with information about non-core assets such as fleet, parks, trails, amenities and facilities. 

Phase III is to be completed by July 2025 with more details about future levels of service and financial plans to deliver Phase I and II.  

Strategic Asset Management Policy

The Town of Innisfil's Asset Management Policy was approved in 2019 to outline Innisfil's commitment to providing the best possible service to residents. The Policy is linked to Innisfil's Strategic Objectives which shape the vision and goals of the Town over the next 10 years.