If you are holding an event on property owned by the Town of Innisfil, you may need to apply for a special event permit. 

Review our Special Event Guide

When do I need a special event permit?

You must submit a Special Event Application if you are hosting an event in the Town of Innisfil where the event:

  • Is open to the public
  • Will include alcohol served to the public
  • Will require a by-law exemption (e.g. road closure, noise exemption, parking exemption, or burn permit)

Only approved applications will receive a Special Event Permit. If you're unsure whether you need a Special Event Permit, please contact events@innisfil.ca

Apply for a special event permit

You must submit your completed application at least 90 days before your proposed event.

Complete the Special Event Application Form 

Event rules and regulations

Event organizers must follow all municipal, provincial and federal laws when hosting their event. Special events that don't follow these laws, or the rules and procedures outlined in our Special Event Guide, may be shut down.