If you are holding an event on property owned by the Town of Innisfil, you may need to apply for a special event permit.

Apply for a special event permit

Please complete the Special Event Permit Application and submit it by email to events@innisfil.ca or drop it off to Town Hall located at 2101 Innisfil Beach Rd. Review our Special Event Application Guide for full details about permit requirements.

When do I need a special event permit?

You need a special event permit if you're hosting an event on a municipal roadway or property and the event meets at least two of the following criteria:

  • Alcohol will be served
  • The event is at least six hours long
  • There will be at least 300 people attending the event

If the event doesn't fit at least two of the criteria, but will take place on Town property, view our facility rentals to book your facility or park space. If you're unsure whether your event requires a special event permit, contact our Special Events Coordinator.

Events on private property do not require a special event permit.

Event rules and regulations

You will need to follow all the rules and regulations found on the special event permit. Even if your event doesn't require a permit, you are still required to follow all municipal, provincial and national by-laws and laws. Here are a few examples:

If you book a Town facility, you need to follow the rental contract.

Road occupancy permits

You will need a road occupancy permit if your proposed event includes a road closure or blockage. This could include:

  • Parades
  • Walk-a-thons
  • Relays
  • Street festivals
  • Races and running events
  • Street tournaments
  • Block parties

Washroom requirements

Many Town parks and facilities have washrooms that can be used by event participants. If access to public washrooms is required for the event, please select the applicable box on the Special Event Permit Application.

As an event organizer, it is your responsibility to provide enough washroom facilities for the event guests. We recommend that you rent portable toilets. If you rent portable toilets, you'll also need to provide portable hand washing stations or hand sanitizer dispensers. For every four toilets, you need one hand washing station.

The Ontario Building Code outlines the number of washrooms needed based on anticipated attendance.

Waste removal and event clean-up

It is your responsibility as the event organizer to respect Town property and maintain a garbage-free event. You're required to return the event space to its original state immediately following the event. For larger events and festival, we may approve a longer clean-up timeline. Please provide this timeline on the Special Event Permit Application.

We will provide garbage bins on most Town property, however, if your event requires additional garbage bins and recycling containers, you will need to contact a waste disposal company to handle waste removal.


You are responsible for recycling bottles, plastics, cardboard, paper and other recyclable materials. Do not leave recycling or bundles of paper or cardboard on Town property following an event.