A Shoreline Permit is required for any residential property in the Town of Innisfil with frontage on Lake Simcoe. You need a Shoreline Permit to:

  • Build or extend a home, boathouse or dock
  • Perform lot grading
  • Remove trees
  • Complete shoreline works

Shoreline Permit process

Our Shoreline Permit system allows us to issue a single permit that combines zoning, minor variance, site plan, site alteration and grading and tree removal approvals. By combining all these approvals into one application, a Shoreline Permit helps property owners get planning approvals more quickly.

View our Community Planning Permit System Booklet 

Pre-consultation meeting

We recommend that you email us at shorelinepermit@innisfil.ca to go over your development proposal and documents required for a formal submission. View the Shoreline Permit By-law for the regulations on land use and development on lands within the Shoreline Permit Area.

Classes of Shoreline Permits

We will also determine what class of permit you require at the pre-consultation meeting. View the three classes of shoreline permits:

Class2023 Fees2024 FeesReview

Class 3




Class 2

(Staff variation)



Class 1

(Council variation)




You can submit a Shoreline Permit Application by email to shorelinepermit@innisfil.ca or in person at Town Hall (2101 Innisfil Beach Rd.). Make sure your application package includes all the required materials listed on the application checklist or outlined in your pre-consultation meeting with staff. 

Application Forms

You will need to complete these application forms:

Development Standards Summary Charts
Shoreline Permit Process Outline
Shoreline permit process map showing steps of the application phases

Review and circulation

Once we have received your application, we will deem it complete or incomplete within five business days. If complete, we will review and circulate your application to approval authorities. We will not review incomplete applications until we receive all required items noted at the pre-consultation meeting.

Notifying residents of your application

There are different notification requirements depending on what class of permit you are applying for. For Class 1 (Council variation) applications, notice of application is given:

  • To property owners within 60 to 120 metres of the property by first class mail
  • By placing a sign on the street frontages and lake side of the property that will notify residents of your application

Class 2 and 3 permit applications do not require formal notice.


If your application needs any revisions, we will send them to you in a Summary of Comments. You will then need to re-submit the required documents. We will review and circulate the revised documents. This process will continue until all authorities are satisfied with the application documents.


After reviewing a complete application, we will decide to approve or refuse the application. If approved, we may issue you a permit with conditions attached, or require you to meet certain conditions before issuing your permit. You may also need to apply for a building permit.

You can appeal any decision or permit condition in writing to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Past Shoreline Permit applications

Review the past Class 1 (Council variation) Shoreline Permit applications made in Innisfil by address and type of project:

2021 Shoreline Permit applications

Shoreline Permit applications made in 2021 include:

2020 Shoreline Permit applications

Shoreline Permit applications made in 2020 include: