If you experience property damage from a flood, you should contact your home insurance provider. They will assess the damage to your home. If your insurer believes the Town of Innisfil is responsible for the damage, they may seek compensation against the Town on your behalf.

Make a claim

The Town of Innisfil is not responsible for property damage if we've met the installation and maintenance standards for our water and drainage systems. You'll need to contact your insurance provider and they will make a flood claim through the Town, if appropriate. To make a flood claim, contact us.

Installation and maintenance standards

If we've met the water and drainage installation and maintenance standards, then flood damage is not the responsibility of the Town.

This includes:

  • Installation of the drainage system was completed in accordance with engineering practices at the time of the installation
  • The Town has a reasonable maintenance system in place, and they adhere to the system
  • Proactive measures are in place to prevent drainage system failure and to make sure mechanisms are in place to allow the Town to respond appropriately during a system failure