Inspiring Innisfil 2020

What is a Community Strategic Plan?

A Community Strategic Plan outlines an overarching vision and goals for a community. The Town of Innisfil’s Community Strategic Plan is called Inspiring Innisfil 2020, and it was put together after gathering feedback from residents over the course of a year. 

Community Mission

The Town of Innisfil is a cohesive, caring, socially diverse municipality that values friendship, fun, cooperation and community spirit. We embrace a quality of life that celebrates a small-town feel and cottage lifestyle while offering a central location, comprehensive services and ease of accessibility. We are a community that is easy to get to and hard to leave.

Community Vision

We will manage and plan our growth in a responsible and deliberate way that retains the strong sense of community, rural atmosphere and small-town feel that we value and cherish. We will be respectful of tradition but not bound by it, as we evolve and grow into a vibrant, active, sustainable and multicultural community that offers engaged places, engaging activities and the essential connections that makes the Town of Innisfil thrive as a place to grow, a place to connect, a place to work and a place to call home.

Read the Community Strategic Plan below or download it


1.     Grow

The Town of Innisfil will collaboratively develop a thriving community that embraces a managed level of growth, actively engages residents, attracts and supports business and promotes economic prosperity. In order to grow, Inspiring Innisfil 2020 sets out the following objectives:

            Plan For Growth

            Develop Our Community

            Promote Economic Development

2.     Connect

The Town of Innisfil will ensure opportunities exist for residents, businesses and organizations to connect in all ways that are meaningful – physically, socially, culturally and digitally. In order to connect, Inspiring Innisfil sets out the following objectives:

            Create Transportation Options

            Promote Access To Health Services

            Create Opportunities For Youth

            Enhance Cultural Programs

            Grow Recreation Opportunities

            Promote Tourism

3.     Sustain

The Town of Innisfil will actively maintain itself as a viable and vibrant community that fully embraces the principles of sustainability. In order to sustain, Inspiring Innisfil sets out the following objectives:

            Ensure Financial Sustainability

            Enhance Partnerships

            Support Community Sustainability

            Promote Environmental Sustainability

            Sustain Infrastructure

Our Community Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Our Progress Report – 2010-2012