Innovative Innisfil 2030

Our Community Strategic Plan: Innovative Innisfil 2030 identifies priorities for the Community, Council, and Town Staff and is our guiding document for ten years.

The strategic goals and objectives laid out in this document were guided by the needs and aspirations of our community. Data from community consultations over the past three years was used to identify community priorities. This information was gathered from a variety of in-person community consultations in the form of open houses, focus groups, workshops or pop-up engagement opportunities and online through this very website.

Read the full document here.

Our Vision: Community First. Future Next. Balance Always.

Our Mission: Together we are a unique and innovative community, strengthened by an inclusive population, and unified by the belief that there is no greater place to call home.

Strategic Goals & Objectives:

Grow: The Town of Innisfil will collaboratively develop a thriving community that embraces a managed level of growth, actively engages residents, attracts and supports business and promotes economic prosperity.
1.1 Plan for and Manage Growth
1.2 Promote Economic Development
1.3 Improve Service Offerings

Connect: We will ensure that opportunities exist for residents, businesses and organizations to connect in all ways that are meaningful – physically, socially, culturally and digitally.
2.1 Develop Unified Town Identity
2.2 Enhance Movement of People
2.3 Enable Community Health, Wellness and Resilience
2.4 Enhance Civic Engagement
2.5 Facilitate Community Experiences

Sustain: We will fully embrace the principles of sustainability as we actively protect, maintain and enhance the environment, assets and amenities that our residents depend on.
3.1 Maintain and Protect Existing Infrastructure
3.2 Promote Environmental Stability
3.3 Ensure Financial Stability

The community was invited to provide comment on the Community Strategic Plan over the course of one month. You can check out the comments by visiting Get Involved Innisfil.