The Orbit: Innisfil

Rural Re-Imagined

The Orbit: Innisfil is our vision for a complete, cutting-edge community to be built around the area of the 6th Line and east of 20th Sideroad. We envision a community where our small town and rural lifestyles are enhanced by the benefits of urban living. Perhaps most important of all, the Orbit allows Innisfil to expand while we preserve our natural and agricultural lands; it’s the best of both worlds.

What’s Next?

An important staff report (External link)about the Innisfil Mobility Orbit went before Innisfil Council on October 14, 2020. This report introduced a draft Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) for Council. An MZO is an important tool Town staff is recommending we use to build a new GO station in our community as soon as possible. This will help ensure our Town has a solid economic recovery following COVID-19 and that residents have more transit and housing options. Following this meeting, Council recommended that the deadline for public feedback be extended to October 26. Have your say on our Get Involved Innisfil project page.

The final MZO report will be brought to Council on November 4, 2020 and will address the feedback that we have heard from residents so far. If you wish to address Council about this topic please email our Clerk’s Office at link). Please be advised that due to COVID-19, all our Council, Planning, and Committee Meetings are being held virtually at this time.

Ask a Planner: The Orbit Virtual Open House

Thank you to those who participated in the Ask a Planner: The Orbit virtual open house event. For those who were unable to tune in, a recording has been made available online via link). Be sure to subscribe to our channel to get notifications about all our YouTube live events!

Within the next few years, Innisfil will be home to a new GO Station – something that will provide faster, better access to regional transportation. But we aren’t just building another cookie-cutter shelter with a parking lot – we know this is an opportunity to provide our community with a real transit hub and much more. With this in mind, our complete community is designed with how people will live, travel, interact, play and work – or Orbit – in and around it; without a doubt, this is the defining design principle of The Orbit: Innisfil.

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We know and understand that our population will continue to expand and the Orbit allows Innisfil to grow in a way that preserves our natural landscapes and habitat by concentrating all of our future expansion into one place. Our natural agricultural lands, forests, trails, habitats, historical buildings will be untouched, just as our community has always wanted. By containing and shaping development, we will be building a stronger community, preventing sprawl, supporting sustainability and protecting the environment and the picturesque farmlands that make us all proud to call Innisfil home.

We know that most of our population has to commute for employment, which is why much of the Orbit focuses on boosting our local economy, by creating an environment that supports local entrepreneurs and businesses to create more local jobs. We envision the Orbit will be a place that supports a thriving community of start-up businesses and includes the supportive ecosystem required to nurture and grow them. Our ecosystem includes mentorship, space, networks, access to capital and more. Make no mistake, we want to see the Orbit: Innisfil become the start-up base for Simcoe County and beyond.

Living at the Orbit means residents would no longer have to travel to Barrie or Toronto, thanks to a full suite of amenities, including designed for local entrepreneurs and traditional and non-traditional industries, year-round sports and recreational options, arts and culture spaces and more. With the GO Station at its centre, the Orbit offers numerous transportation options to connect it to Innisfil’s surrounding hamlets thanks to pedestrian-first streets, enhanced cycling options, accessibility initiatives and an Innisfil Transit system that takes advantage of autonomous vehicles and encourages shared trips.

The Orbit features a full range of public and private amenities, offering a kaleidoscope of retailers including farmers’ markets, pop-up shops, mixed with the community hub offerings from the Innisfil ideaLAB and Library such as hacklabs and makerspaces, all woven together with surrounding walkable spaces.

Our first priority is getting a new GO station built in Innisfil and we are working hard to make that happen within the nThe Orbit is the result of input from Council, community leaders, architects, developers, builders and more. Our first priority for the Orbit is getting a new GO station built in Innisfil and we are working hard to make that happen within the next few years. Once again, we’d like to hear from you. As the Orbit comes together, there will be even more opportunities for you to share your feedback and get involved.

If you have any further questions about the Orbit: Innisfil please feel free to email our Planning Team.