Our Place Innisfil – Official Plan

Update: Town’s Our Place Official Plan Approved and in Effect 

On October 9, 2018, County Council approved the Town’s Our Place Official Plan, after it was approved by the County’s Committee of the Whole on September 25.  Here is a link to the Committee of the Whole Agenda that included the report  (Item 11.1) and attached schedules, including the Final Text of the Our Place Official Plan.  Please see the County’s Notice of Decision.  

The Our Place Official Plan took effect on November 13, 2018 with the exception of the 7 appeals that were received and summarized in this table.    

Town Adopts County’s Modifications to Our Place Official Plan (August 2018)

The County of Simcoe is proposing modifications to the Our Place Official Plan.  These modifications were adopted at the Town Council meeting on August 8, 2018, and County Council approval of the new Our Place Official Plan is anticipated to occur in September of 2018.  Below are links to the Staff Report that was considered by Town Council on August 8, 2018, as well as the document outlining the County’s proposed modifications to the Our Place Official Plan:

Staff Report (August 8, 2018): Adoption of County Modifications to Our Place Official Plan  

County of Simcoe Modifications to Our Place Official Plan

Town Adopts Our Place Official Plan (January 2018)

At the Council Meeting held on January 17, 2018, Town Council considered the recommendations of the Staff Report and adopted the Town’s new Our Place Official Plan.  This plan will have new policies to enhance place making and guide development in “Our Place” to the year 2031.  Please see theNotice of Adoption.  The Official Plan must be approved by the County of Simcoe before taking effect.     

The final Town adopted  “Our Place” document can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Town Adopted Our Place Official Plan – Final (Note: May take several minutes to download)

To help read the plan, we also suggest taking a look at our Planning Dictionary, thePublic Meeting Staff Report (Nov 8/17) ,as well as the 3 videos below about how your comments have helped shape Our Place! 

A matrix summarizing responses to public comments on the Our Place draft  can be viewed through this link

If you have questions or are not yet on the Town’s Our Place email notification list to receive updates, please send an email to ourplace@innisfil.ca.       

How have your comments helped shape Our Place? 

Consultation on October 2017 Draft

Notice was issued on Sept. 26, 2017 for the Nov. 1 Public Open House and Nov. 8 Public Meeting to review the October 2017 draft of the Town’s new Our Place Official Plan (links to this second draft are below). 

A matrix summarizing responses to public comments on the January 2017 draft  can be viewed through this link

Consultation on January 2017 Draft

We have heard hundreds of comments and ideas on how to make “Our Place” Innisfil an even better place.  These comments helped shape  the first draft of our new Official Planissued in January 2017 (click to view document – note that it is a large file and may take a few minutes to download).  Two public open houses were already held on January 19 and 24, 2017 for the purpose of receiving comments on this first draft.  Please also view the summary panels (click for link) presented at these January 2017 open houses that provided an overview of the key sections of the new Our Place Official Plan.  Comments received in response to the first draft Official Plan were considered in any changes to the new revised draft and are summarized in this matrix.

Our Place incorporates comments from the previous ‘Policy Directions’ phase as well as theRecommended Policy Directions Report completed in April 2016 that was focused on ‘How do we make Our Place even better?’  

The new Official Plan is also reflecting the initial ‘Community Visioning’ phase of the Our Place process that was undertaken throughout 2015.  The Our Place Community Visioning Day was held in March 2015 and a number of ‘pop-up’ workshops were held to directly engage residents about ‘What makes Our Place great?  Several discussion papers were also prepared (links are found under ‘Reports/Documents’ tab) regarding themes such as healthy communities/place making, growth management, the natural environment and agriculture.   

An Our Place Innisfil GooseChase photo scavenger hunt also took place in the summer of 2015 where participants could provide their input by submitting pictures of their favourite places in Our Place and areas they wanted to see preserved and improved (see ‘Our Place Innisfil Goose Chase’ tab for further information).

What is our Official Plan? Why is it important to us?

An Official Plan is a document that includes a statement of goals, objectives and policies for managing growth and development. It sets out a comprehensive framework for land use decision-making in our community.  Some policies in the Official Plan have immediate and visible effects, while some policies are more long-term.

Our Official Plan is important because it affects your daily life through policies about where and how housing, employment, parks, community facilities and other land uses will be developed over the next twenty years.  It includes how we will protect and enhance our natural environment, our rural town character, our shoreline, our urban core and communities. It shapes how our neighbourhoods will look and feel in 20 years and how our water, sewer, transportation and other infrastructure are put in place. 

The Official Plan is adopted by Town Council and approved by the County of Simcoe and Province of Ontario.   The authority and requirement for preparing an Official Plan is set out in the Ontario Planning Act.  

Our community is evolving.  We need a common vision for the next twenty years that will guide how our community grows and develops.  Our future vision will aim to create a vibrant living environment within the Town by taking into consideration all aspects of planning for Innisfil’s Future – social, economic, physical, cultural, and environmental factors.  The community’s vision will be central to the development of our new Official Plan – Our Place.