Building Permit Applications

In an effort to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19, the Town of Innisfil is currently accepting digital building permit applications only until further notice. This will allow staff to review your application remotely. Please email your application to

Building Permit Applications

Please see the list below for available Building Permit Applications. Click and print the application package you require. Applications must be submitted either digitally, or in person at Town Hall. 

To submit digitally: Email all required forms and drawings to . If your files are too large, or you are a contractor who will be submitting for multiple properties, you can request access to our One Drive folder. To request access, please email .

To submit in person: Applications must be delivered to the Town of Innisfil at 2101 Innisfil Beach Road during business hours, and ask to speak to a member of the Building Department.

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Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

Owner’s Authorization Form

Schedule 1 – Designer Information

Commitment to General Review by Architect and Engineers

Information Packages

Single Family Dwelling New Construction Application Package

Accessory Structure (Shed, Garage, etc.) Application Package

Backwater Valve Application Package

Basement Finish & Interior Alterations Application Package

Decks Application Package

Demolition Application Package

Pool Fence Application Package

Residential Addition Application Package

Residential Solar Panels Application Package

Septic Application Package

Temporary Tent Application Package

Unit Finish Interior Alteration Application Package