The Town of Innisfil defines sustainability to mean measures and actions that assure there will be enough resources for both present and future generations.

The Orbit Sustainability Principles will be informed by our town-wide Integrated Sustainability Master Plan. These principles are a comprehensive and interdisciplinary list that move us toward a natural and forward-thinking shift in sustainability practices. The principles feature themes that guide development and involve the creation, monitoring, and maintenance of conditions that support a harmonized existence between the Orbit and our natural environment.​

Orbit Sustainability Principles 

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Icon of modes of transportation including bicycle, bus, and walking

Transport and Movement
  • Good cycle and pedestrian paths connecting neighbourhoods
  • Transit-friendly neighbourhoods
  • Promote zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs)
  • ZEV-ready parking 

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  • Stormwater management and water quality protection during construction
  • Low carbon and local energy supply
  • Resilience to power disruption and weather events

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  • Energy-efficient building design
  • Water-efficient fixtures in buildings
  • Charging infrastructure for electric and zero-emission vehicles
  • Green infrastructure with green roofs, green walls and plants 

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  • Multi-functional spaces that offer more than one use to the community
  • Adaptable spaces for a diverse range of community needs

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Environment and Green Space
  • Creating landscapes that are resilient and support urban forest growth
  • Access to local healthy food
  • Access to parks, open spaces and green spaces 

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Social and Cultural Identity
  • Create a sense of place and inclusivity through design for social and cultural diversity
  • Affordable and flexible housing options for all community members 

Draft Orbit Sustainable Development Plan and Checklist

We released the draft Orbit Sustainable Development Plan and Checklist on June 22, 2022 for Council and community input into an updated version. This plan establishes the framework and sets requirements to develop the Orbit into a world-class sustainable community. By containing and shaping development within the Orbit, we commit to growing in a way that prevents sprawl, supports sustainable development and fosters community wellness and culture.

The following three values are meant to guide our decision making and provide a common lens to view and solve sustainability challenges that may arise throughout the scope of the Orbit development.

Triple bottom line decision making

Project decisions should be made through the lens of triple bottom line sustainability, otherwise known as "People, Planet, Profit".

Future-focused community planning

Understanding that the Orbit will be developed over decades, it is vital that we design with the future in mind. This may mean making decisions that result in additional allocations of resources today but will avoid significant social, economic, and environmental costs later. Setting a long-term vision on decision making will help ensure we are not passing the burden of our choices to future generations.

Courageous goal setting and continuous improvement

The Orbit project represents a shift in development for the Town of Innisfil. It is a project that by nature will require stakeholders to be bold in accomplishing its sustainability goals. It is also a project that will evolve over decades and continuously improve with each phase as we build on our targets to reach net zero emissions and low carbon development.

It is important to note that this plan will be a living document that will be revised periodically to accommodate the latest scientific and technological developments, and constantly strive to achieve greater sustainable design and energy efficiency targets.

What's next

Staff will seek input on the plan from the Orbit landowners and community organizations including:

  • Williams Treaty First Nations
  • The Town’s Development Liaison Group
  • Orbit landowners and developers
  • Building Industry and Land Development (BILD)
  • Local conservation authorities
  • The general public

Input from Indigenous communities and stakeholders will shape what the updated version of the Plan will look like. The updated OSDP will be released in the following months.