As we look ahead to this exciting time for the Town of Innisfil to pursue the development of this cutting-edge community, we understand that communicating clear timelines is important. Below you'll find both a timeline for the Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP) and the Orbit's purposed to provide you with an understanding of key milestones and opportunities for public input. These timelines require further technical review and consultation and any changes will be communicated. 

The Town of Innisfil is dedicated to moving forward with the Indigenous communities and peoples that we share this land with and has specific outreach actions  opportunities looking  for both engagement and consultation actions. We also recognize that we are all part of the community fabric and would encourage and welcome Indigenous communities and peoples to attend any of the public events outlined below, in addition to specific actions that may be undertaken with specific communities.

Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP) Timeline

Timeline with engagement touchpoints and project milestones from 2022 to 2023

We want to hear from you. The Orbit will be a better project from hearing your comments. To learn more about how you can participate in the OPIP public engagement process, check out our Get Involved page

Orbit timeline

The presented dates are subject to change as the OPIP progresses.

Timeline with planning and technical studies, construction, community engagement from 2022 to 2025