Committee of Adjustment

What is the Committee of Adjustment?

The Committee of Adjustment is an independent body comprised of six (6) members appointed by Council of the Town of Innisfil.  The Committee of Adjustment is authorized by the Ontario Planning Act to grant minor variances from the Zoning By-law, Sign By-law and Fence By-law and give consent to an owner of land who wishes to sever part of their land (i.e. creation of a new lot, lot addition, easement).

How long does it take?

The Committee of Adjustment process takes approximately two months from the time an application is submitted until a decision is made and the appeal period expires.  If conditions are attached to a decision, the process could take considerably longer.  If a decision is appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, the decision is not final until it has been approved or denied by the Tribunal.

Committee of Adjustment Hearing Dates:

2019 Hearing Schedule and Application Cut-off Dates

Who can I contact?

Nick Skerratt, Secretary-Treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment 
705-436-3740 Ext. 3314

Trish Kernen, Development Coordinator 
705-436-3740 Ext. 3320